[12.09.10] #1 Way to Get a New Job in 2011 [Featured]

Best Way To Get A New Job


PLEASE NOTE: This contest is officially over. The comment section was print screened and the winner was notified by e-mail. Any additional votes will not be counted.

Wish someone could guarantee you’d get a new job?

Well, that person would be me.

My name is J.T. O’Donnell and I’m holding a contest. The winner gets the ultimate prize. Starting January 2, 2011, I will work with the winner daily, privately coaching them by phone, webcam and e-mail (whatever it takes!) until he or she gets a new job. Click here » for my bio in case you want to know my background before entering.

The prize pack includes:

  • Re-doing the winner’s resume, LinkedIn profile and any other career tools that need to be overhauled.
  • Analyzing their professional strengths and assisting in the design of their personal brand to reflect their best professional attributes.
  • Extensive coaching on how to find and secure interviews.
  • Use my personal rolodex to assist them in making new contacts.
  • Help them negotiate the offer and celebrate their new employment status.

Here’s how you can win the best way to get a new job…

  1. Explain in the comment section below why you deserve to get the ultimate career coaching package that guarantees you’ll land a job in 2011.
  2. Send this article’s URL to all your friends and have them vote for you by pressing the ‘Like’ button on your comment. Why? The person with the most votes wins!

There will be one lucky prize winner, plus 4 runner-ups will receive FREE life-time subscriptions to CAREEREALISM Club, the only Career HMO.

The contest starts today [12/14/10] and ends at 11:59 PM ET on December 31, 2010. So, what are you waiting for? The sooner you post, the sooner you can get folks to start voting for you. Good luck and I look forward to helping the lucky winner get the career satisfaction they want and deserve in 2011.

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J.T. O'Donnell

Job Search & Career Expert. Syndicated Speaker & Author. Wife. Mother. CEO of CAREEREALISM Media. Connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.


  1. Tom Bertin certainly should win this contest. He is excellent in instructing Linked In sessions and is always positive to others in need of finding jobs.

  2. Susan Musumeci has something going on for her. It is her huge heart. She teaches Sunday School and always makes sure everyone else has what they need prior to meeting any of her own needs. She is a very unselfish and caring person. Nothing glitzy. Nothing Fancy. No YouTube Videos asking for your votes. Just a down to earth person that really deserves your help. Thanks for voting for her!

  3. Tom has provided a great deal of help to job seekers in our area over the past 2 years and has reached many through his appearances at the career networking groups. He deserves all the opportunity available to move forward in his career and I wish Tom Bertin well in the new year!

  4. Thank you everyone for participating in the contest. Per the contest info, voting closed at 12pm EST. I print screened the votes in the comment section at that time. Any additional votes will not be counted.

    Once the winner is confirmed, we’ll be in touch by e-mail.

    Happy New Year and best wishes in 2011!


      • “Print screened,” refers to the action of hitting the [PrtScn] button on the keyboard. This action effectively takes a picture of everything on the screen at that moment in time, including the time and date information at the bottom right of their screen. It can then be pasted onto a document for future use or reference. I hope that helps.

  5. Tom,

    With your selfless acts and unwavering positive attitude, you’re very deserving of the Ultimate Career Experience from JT. Good luck!

  6. Sharon have you ever heard of the saying “Life isn’t fair” Sure you have work experience and you have credentials but even so you view this world too black and white. Just because you have all the above doesn’t mean you will get a job nor deserve one. There’s no such thing as entitlement. I give Bryan credit for making use of networking because in today’s society that makes all the difference, which can be observed in this contest. Being able to reach out to others and making those connections is a trait that all employers look for. I say you get acquainted with the internet and it’s ability to help someone increase their chances of getting support. Instead of bashing on Bryan and criticizing those who don’t “deserve” to win you should be asking others to vote for you. Good luck to all who are in the running.

  7. This whole thing is wrong. There are some of you who have what you need already to get jobs and to be successful and there are those who really need this more than the ones who already have a network of friends and coworkers. It’s sad this has turned in to a popularity contest. Those who actually need this are not going to get it because of people like you. All I have to say is, next time JT should ask for essays that are judged by a select panel that know what they are doing. This is due to the fact we have some who actually deserve to win this but won’t because they do not have a large network of people to vote for them. In my eyes everyone deserves a chance but not everyone needs it.

    • I have to be candid – I wouldn’t change a thing if I did this contest again! In fact, I designed it this way so that the dialog unfolding right now would happen. I’m hoping this is an eye-opening lesson for a lot of job seekers about the definition of ‘most deserving.’

      My goal was to have an honest conversation around the fact that, like it or not, job search is part popularity contest. Another term for it is networking. The more people you know and can engage in your job search, the faster you will find work.

      It also requires you to think deeply about how your express your situation. Readers will vote for someone they sense is deserving – that can mean different things to different people. I have encountered many people in my coaching career who needed my services, but had such a negative mindset (blaming circumstances and others for their situation) that I knew no matter how much I tried to help them, they wouldn’t succeed due to their attitude. Thus, in spite of their difficult situation, they weren’t deserving of help because they weren’t ready to accept it.

      So, it could be said that ‘most deserving’ in this contest is the person who:

      A) Was willing to ask as many people as possible to vote for them and was able to leverage the network of friends, family and colleagues they have worked hard to develop. (Relationships take work!)

      B) Who presented their desire to win in a way that was positive and made readers feel like they are truly capable of using the resources they’d have access to.

      I hope anyone who reads this ponders the above and then opts to at least vote for one person here based on their own definition of ‘most deserving’ – you have the ability to help the right person win!

      • Number 1 I’m not in this contest. I speak for the ones who are and some people don’t have the network and friend. Our town consists of maybe 50 people if that and we live in the middle of nowhere. This does not mean people like me are not trying cause trust me we do and for you to say we are not making an effort. I’d like to see you walk a mile in my shoes than tell me how you feel the grass is not greener on the other side. It’s people like you who break down the very foundation of the little man. With your big mouths and corporations. I ‘am only stating that just because you have a large network. Does not mean you’re most deserving. Just means you’re in a big city somewhere. Have a lot of friends and are an older person with contacts. I respect what you’re doing. But I’m not one of your job seekers in this just a mother with an opinion. I have a good life and a wonderful family we may not have much but at least it’s something. There are three things people need to do in their life. Live laugh and love cause without it we are nothing. Laughter to be the most important for us all. It shows we are human that we are alive and happy. So for all of you who did contact everyone you could whether big or small you are just as deserving if you made the effort to contact everyone you possibly new and I congratulate you on your efforts. May you have a good year and good luck to those of you who don’t get the help you deserve as much as the guy who wins.

        • Dear Drangostears101,

          I’m sorry that you see your situation the way you do. Thanks to the Internet, you have the ability to drop geographic boundries and connect with 1000′s of people – if you chose to. Your ability to find this site and articulate your position proves you are capable of it. And yet, you chose this platform to criticize when you could have used it to connect. I have many colleagues/friends on-line that live nowhere near me. Thanks to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, we all have this ability to expand our network beyond where we live. You’ve just chosen not to do it. I think your choice of words above is very telling about the type of person you are to work with – so I appreciate you not entering the contest because it’s clear I wouldn’t be able to help you.

          On that note…

          This is a forum for positive, proactive discussion. I run it that way. You do not have to participate on this site, but you do have to be mindful of how it is run. So please know, should I see any additional unconstructive and/or negative comments towards those on this site who are being respectful of what we are trying to do, they will be promptly deleted.

      • I HOPE TO GET EVERYONE’S ATTENTION because I would like to know how many who entered this content knew that the people you asked to vote for you, could vote each day. I was among the first 5 to enter 3 weeks ago, but only learned that repeat voting was possible 2 days ago. I little ironic given the fuss I made to one apparently in the know. But I did not go back to my network with the new found leverage in an effort to win, that just didn’t fit my definition of ethical. Plus, I’ve already seen one too many hidden agendas. (J.T., nothing personal here, I know your motives are good.) May EVERYONE deserving, sincere, willing, and able find their dream job in 2011!!

        • Sharon what’s really sad is it is possible for that to be done. JT says there is no way we can multiple votes but there is. I’m not even in this contest just a supporter for a lot of you. I work with my husband who is in to information technology and there are programs to change ip address. And as smart as JT thinks she is she’s would have known about these programs. I myself find it hard to believe anyone can have the amount of votes. That 1 name has I won’t say but hey they seems to know what they are doing. And has worked many of years and is older who’s to say far as I’m concerned it’s cheating and immoral if they are doing that. Have a good year and life to all of you.

          • Dear Bec,

            I don’t pretend to be an IT expert. When Sharon posted her concern, I went to our comment system to check the procedure and shared with Sharon what I learned. I don’t doubt that someone with your husband’s background can figure out ways around it.

            Given your posting, I will certainly confirm with the people who have the most votes if this is the case. But honestly, was it necessary for you to respond the way you did? The intent of this contest was to help people and inspire them to solicit support from their friends. The contestant you are doubting has numerous additional comments that were personally made on his behalf. People took time and energy to help him out – that says a lot about his character to me.

            Honestly, your comment doesn’t help Sharon – it just puts her in the ‘sour grapes’ category which will make any final readers casting votes not want to give them to her – I don’t think that’s what she wants.

            Finally, please don’t comment on the site again unless you can provide your constructive feedback in a way that is professional. I will promptly delete them. I intend to keep this site a proactive, professional forum.

  8. After reading all of the comments I agree each and every person is deserving of this awesome opportunity to receive the Ultimate Career Coaching package.

    However, I desire to win this package simply because after encouraging and helping others reach their career goals, searching for my passion, and spending a year teaching English in Korea I have finally realized my own career goals. One day I will start a magazine targeting women and increasing their self-esteem. I know where I am headed I just need assistance getting there!

    This is an opportunity I would value and make the most of. Thank you so much for the consideration and I wish you all the best in the contest and in 2011.

    • I love that after a year in Korea you have realized your career goals!! That is so comforting to read and know! I wish you every success in your future endeavors. I also LOVE the fact you want to start a magazine targeting women and increasing their self-esteem. I think there is a real opportunity there, we as women are inundated with too many magazines that focus on the “exterior”, there really aren’t many magazines that focus on our “interior” so big ups to you Nancy!!!!!

      • Hello Jngaluafe! Happy new year. Sorry I am just reading your comment. Thank you soooo much for the encouragement. It has been a long journey so it is great to finally start gaining clarity :) Wishing you abundance in 2011!!!

  9. Tom, you have and continue to have a very positive outlook, which is encouraging to those you have contact with. I wish you nothing but success and hope that you will win this contest, as you truly deserve to win. Karma will undoubtedly find in your favor sooner rather than later. Best of luck to you. Ed

  10. Good Luck Tom. You deserve it. You are a tireless helper of people out of work with your LinkedIn knowledge and helping others with other internet issues.

    Doug Ruby

  11. My wife has been out of work for two years. I just found out that the job I was promised will not happen so I can use all the help I can get before we both wind up in a cardboard townhome!

  12. Why should I be the one to win the Ultimate Career Coaching Experience from J.T. O’Donnell you might ask?

    Because I have been actively searching for a new job since mid-September through both my network connections and various job boards. During this time, I have used my networking skills to help others through LinkedIn and Twitter. I am quick to share new information with others as I come across various articles of interest on a wide variety of topics and am proud to say I have served as a mentor to a number of people looking to break into the Public Relations industry in 2010.

    By winning the Ultimate Career Coaching Experience, I’d have the opportunity to take what I’ve learned in working with J.T. O’Donnell and not only help myself in regaining a job but also continue to help others who are struggling in their job search.

    Please vote for me by hitting “like”! And thank you to J.T. O’Donnell for this wonderful opportunity!

  13. I have known Tom for about two years as we both unemployed. I met at some different networkings meeting in the Detroit area. Tom is definently deserving of this.

  14. Why should I be the one to win the Ultimate Career Coaching Experience from J.T. O’Donnell?

    In the past 18 months, I have been the ultimate networker; as I discover and learn new things of benefit to others, I am quick to disseminate this new-found information throughout my network so that other individuals can put the same tips, tricks and strategies to use in their respective career searches. I can proudly state that I was personally involved in getting a handful of people back to work in 2010.

    During the past year I have volunteered my time as a guest speaker for various support groups throughout my metropolitan area sharing with job-seekers the various aspects of LinkedIn so that individually, people can more effectively navigate their way through what is clearly the most professional site for social networking. With the constant changes being made by LinkedIn, this has become quite a challenge to remain up to date for each consecutive speaking engagement.

    By winning the Ultimate Career Coaching Experience, my objective once I regain employment and begin my next career, is to take what I’ve learned in working with J.T. O’Donnell to people I find who are struggling with their searches. The personal reward I’ve gained by helping others is the fuel I need to continue with my volunteer activity assisting others.

    • Tom, you have my vote. You have tirelessly helped and supported many other job-seekers even as you have continued your own search. I’m certain you will continue to share with others the benefits you will gain from this Career Coaching Experience.

      Barbara Erk
      The Entrepreneur’s Source
      Business and Self-Employment Consultant

    • Tom’ Bertin’s justification to be the one to win the Ultimate Career Coaching Experience from J.T. O’Donnell was very professionally composed. I have seen Tom Bertin make his masterful LinkedIn presentation and he wowed the audience and he handled all questions with ease.

    • Hi – I have personally known Tom Bertin for 50 years. It would be hard to find someone who is more deserving of an opportunity like this. I have known him to be an excellent and dedicated family and professional man, both with his time and effort, and showing his care in helping his family and coworkers strive to be the best they can be. He will always give 100% in all he does to be the best he can be and to help others to do the same. Best of luck always Tom.

    • Alex, while I am rooting for Susan to win this competition, because I know that she is exhausting a lot of options in her effort to find work.

      As much as I KNOW that Susan needs this help, I also see that a lot of people who know Mr. Berlin also want to see him succeed.

      Your comment above is below the belt.

    • Hey Ebenezer Alexramos, you need some serious help. Maybe 3 ghosts that know you and your miserable attitude will get together and try to pry that stick out of your arse. Get help, you need it.

  15. Hi, I’m Brian. I cannot just come right out and say why I deserve to win the ultimate career coaching package more than the others who have applied. I will submit my post, however, explaining why I would like to win it.
    I am a husband and father of three. Right now I am the only source of income. That income pays the bills but not much else. This year in fact we had to sign up for help to get Christmas present for our children.
    I am currently working towards a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. I hope that the degree will help me get a better job and a good start at a new career. It has taken me ten years to get as far as I am not though. Every time I get started something new comes up and I seem to postpone my future to take care of things.
    The hardest part of my career search is that I currently do not have any real world experience in computers. Most employers are asking for several years of experience that I just don’t have. I joke that I am on my tenth year of my Bachelors Degree but the reality is that I need something to happen soon. The plan is to get a better job to support my family by the time I graduate but I must admit that I am at a loss of what to do. I know the old methods of getting a job but have found out that in today’s job market a new strategy is needed.

  16. Having been in the work force since 1993 I have had many different jobs from Working as a Substance Abuse Counselor, then left to work as a coffee house manager, then as the drive through guy at the coffee shop, then a ticket broker, worked as a teller in a bank, then back to substance abuse counselor, and I just long to match myself with a career that I can retire from. I have so many skills that I wish to build a new career, or make better the life I love which is counseling. I would appreciate any help in winning the chance to better myself with a career coach.

  17. Hello everyone! My name is Bryan and I am currently studying dietetics at a hospital internship and will be looking for a job next year. A year out of undergrad, I have transitioned from the “What am I going to do with my life?” mode to “How am I going to do it?” mode. I want to use nutrition to empower and motivate adolescents and teenagers, a population I feel is under represented, to realize their potential. Now to answering the how. Ultimately, I see this package as a way for me to learn how to help me help others accomplish this. I have deep-level experience in counseling, research and community outreach. This has given me empathetic, analytic and leadership skills to support and create projects. I am excited to develop a career involving these skills to become more than I am now. Please vote for me by hitting the “like”! Best of luck to all the other commentators and thank you to J.T. for this excellent opportunity.

    • I wished your empathy extended to those of us (and there are several here) who have put in 20 or 30 years of dedicated service, have spent many months doing everything they know how to get a job, and don’t get a boo from potential employers. We are in danger of losing our home, medical insurance, and life as we know it. You…clearly have worked hard in the last 2 days and have quite the social network. Good for you.

      • Thank you Ms. Hollen for your reply. I had hesitated a great deal to apply, because of stories like Susan’s. I am sorry to hear that you believe that my hard work amounts to 2 days of good social networking and that I do not understand the fear, helplessness and despair of being unemployed.

        I guarantee that I am much more than you assume I am. I insist that I am better than you give me credit for. If you believe that I am better than what Ms. Hollen gives me credit for, please “like” my comment above. Thank you and good luck to everyone!

        • Bryan, I didn’t assume you were looking for your first job/career, you implied that. In two days, you had 25% more votes than Susan and I had in over two weeks. Actually, I am giving you more credit than you are giving yourself. I don’t think you need free, professional services to achieve your goals. This is about being deserving, not better. And someone who has tried everything they know on their own first is more deserving. I doubt J.T. intended this to be a popularity contest, but that unfortunately is what it is.

          • I could not and would not deny your deserving this amazing opportunity Ms. Hollen based on your life story, and I hope your luck changes dramatically in the new year.

            Still, I’m sure all employers would like coworkers who don’t immediately cut people down for less unfortunate lives than yours. You should be lucky this is a popularity contest; it seems like you’ve gotten many “Likes” for all your comments. I’m not sure I’d want to work with someone who criticizes a recent graduate so quickly and easily.

          • Yowza. I’m not sure where you found criticism and cut downs. Bryon has a lot going for him, and I know from personal experience how rewarding it is to succeed in an independent manner. Guess that’s my mothering nature being expressed. You won’t know your capacity until you’ve exhausted it trying. Henry Ford said, “Failure is the opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.” A valuable experience, in my opinion.

          • Sharon have you ever heard of the saying “Life isn’t fair” Sure Susan may have work experience and have credentials but even so you view this world too black and white. Just because you have all the above doesn’t mean you will get a job nor deserve one. There’s no such thing as entitlement. I give Bryan credit for making use of networking because in today’s society that makes all the difference, which can be observed in this contest. Being able to reach out to others and making those connections is a trait that all employers look for. I say you get acquainted with the internet and it’s ability to help someone increase their chances of getting support. Instead of bashing on Bryan and criticizing those who don’t “deserve” to win maybe you should be asking others to vote for Susan. Good luck to all who are in the running.

  18. Very interesting competition. I think you can be very much a benefit to whomever does win your contest. I hope that you fully document the success that you help this individual attain. Stumbling upon your website I find this very interesting and look forward to your posts as the process moves forward. Great idea!no think you missed spares

  19. Thanks TJ & Careerealism for the opportunity to have you to coach me to blissful success in 2011! Yay!

    Usually I would move away from this sort of page: Its scary, I won’t ‘win’ it, other people are better, bla bla blah but as that old saying says: if you keep doing the same things, you’ll keep getting the same results and as someone who has just left their job in being a Medical PA, I am so wanting to move in the direction that will put me in place where I can find a career/s (I like the idea of portfolio careers) that instead of draining & toxing me out, gives me energy, enthusiasm, growth & abundance on all levels!
    I’ve just turned 50 and I whilst I don’t have any issues about my age, I worry that employers might see the 5 0 and think yikes she’s an old bag!

    I have so much to offer in skills, skills and talent that really haven’t been used or explored much in my past career which was mostly spent in administration/secretarial.

    I want to fly away from the old, bringing some of the great skills I have from that job and find something completely new & perfect for me!

    Thanks a bunch!
    Lise (@carmilla5)

  20. I have known Susan for more than 40 years. She is dedicated, detail oriented, sincere and an all around good person. She deserves to get this job. I wish her all the best….

  21. Good afternoon! I am writing to you for consideraction in the Ultimate Career Coaching package that guarantees me a spot in the career coaching.

    I am happy to request your assistance in this job search. My talents are many, and I want to make the most of my job offer to a company that is willing to utilize them.

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  22. I have been working in the security field for over 25 years. I was laid off from my last job in August 2010 where I was working for 12 years. I just turned 50 on Dec. 8, 2010. I graduated from University of Phoenix in Nov. 2009, at the tender age of 49 years of age with a GPA of 3.63 with a BS degree in Organizational Security and Management. As I was getting sick of just sitting around on unemployment, I recently got a part time job with a local contract security agency. I am now wishing that I would have waited for a better position as I am not able to make ends meet as they will not give me full time work and I can’t afford to quit because I would lose my unemployment comp. I feel that prospective employers are possibly discriminating against me because of my age. I have the knowlege but feel that no one wants to give me a chance.

  23. I think that I deserve to receive the ultimate career coaching package because I do believe that I actually need assistance with my job search and I deserve a job. As a person who sacrificed 4.5 years of my life to educational empowerment and now thousands of dollars in debt, I believe I should have the job to show for it. Many of us went to college, were able to do internships to in order to get experience- which to me is great! I unfortunately did not have that opportunity. With having to take out loans and work full time, an internship was just not an option. I think that fortunately I gained a lot of work ethic, organizational skills, and discipline. I deserve the package because there is a lot of information I do not know and would like to gain that knowledge; not only for myself but for others that are in the same situation that I am in. I may not have all the experience but I know I have great work ethic and an education to go with that! I am deserving, I am deserving! You have to speak life, so I know that I will get supporters to this because I know that there are so many other graduates, that get out of school and know that once they get that postion they will hit the ground running. I am humbly asking for help. I believe in myself and other graduates- we are the future; why else would they implore we go get an education…all we have to say to that is….Now let me use it, Let me shine, Let me show you what my alma mater is made of..We are Ready!

  24. Susan
    I am in the same boat with you . I lost my job after 15 years of loyal service. Being over 60 doen’t help in the job search either. I hope you win as you deserve a chance to show your wonderful skills and mindset.

  25. I have done all I can to find work and have come up empty. I have my B.A in Criminology, 10+ years of Administrative Support, Data Entry and Customer Service skills and experience and still have yet to find work. They cut off my unemployment benefits out of the blue and I am in need of a job in the worst way but doing all I can to find a job. I have so much potential and believe that I can do so much but rejection letters are in the mail before I have a chance at an interview. I read your articles on job hunting and career articles and read them like literature on a daily basis and find them helpful. I am saddened that my skills are never put to use but they can be. I have considered “freelancing” my Admin Skills because I feel this is the only route to take at this point in my search. Thank you and hope I am amongst many for this contest. Thank you for your articles. they are very helpful. Heidi

    • I must add from above post. I have a very strong work ethic which is another reason for applying for this contest that I have posted above as “Heidi”…I just have to much potential, have been laid off for quite some time and getting restless. I think you should use your motivational speaker skills and go all over the country here in the United States and go to Career Centers across the U.S and help other unemployed Americans, start your own “Go Get It Career magazine,” like Oprah. you are that talented.

  26. It’s difficult to say that you are more deserving than others who may enter this contest. I have a skill set that I am confident will help serve an organization. I am confident in my ability to provide HR services and build rapport with all levels of staff. I am an older worker and the job market appears to be none too keen on hiring those over 40 much less over 50. Does that make me more deserving? I am a single parent of a teen who will soon be entering college. Does that make me more deserving? I have been searching for a full time HR position since September 2007. Does that make me more deserving?
    I have revamped my resume and my cover letter several times. I apply for positions that I know I am qualified for and can bring experience to. I offer over 30 years of HR experience in both private and Federal sector. I also have administrative skills. I can bring so much to a job yet still have room for learning that will help me improve my performance and provide the best service I can. I am results oriented, time driven. I enjoy challenges and working within a team. I can also work independently. I have had program manager experience and supervisory experience. I have worked in all fields of Human Resources but enjoy employee relations, performance management and training.
    During this period I have taken an Excel course and accepted a part time (less than 19 hrs per week) with a recreation center. I have learned new skills unrelated to Human Resources which demonstrate I can learn new things.
    The new year will bring challenges that many millions of Americans will face in the job market. I would like to have that “leg up” and be one who finds a job to which I can bring my experience, work ethic, skills and still learn. Good luck to the winner whoever he or she may be. Just throw some of that luck to the rest of us.
    Susan T. Musumeci

    • I’d like to vouch for Susan on this issue. She generously donates her time to help and serve others in a lot of areas. I’ve seen her demonstrate time and time again, a willingness to help others. Even when she is busy, she always makes the time to help someone else. She is always conscientious, caring, with a focus on excellence. Although I’m sure there are others who could use this service, I know that Susan is willing to go the additional mile in an effort to help others. This is a skill that I’m confident that Susan will provide to her next employer.

      Joye Briggs

    • Susan, not only are you deserving, your wonderful skills are being wasted. A company really could use someone of your calibre and to let them go to waste on a part time job that utilizes none of them is a shame and a sin. Susan is very deserving of this wonderful prize. She gets my vote!
      Joyce Bagley

    • Susan, I certainly hope you are selected to receive this service. You address the issues that might make you more deserving than others, recognizing that others may be in the ‘same boat’ as you are. Yet, you know your skill set, experience level and management expertise would be an asset to the anyone. The Ultimate Career Coaching package is an one opportunity you would not otherwise be able to explore. I wish you the best and hope and trust you are selected!

    • Susan, I certainly hope you are selected to receive this service. You address the issues that might make you more deserving than others, recognizing that others may be in the ‘same boat’ as you are. Yet, you know your skill set, experience level and management expertise would be an asset to the anyone. The Ultimate Career Coaching package is an one opportunity you would not otherwise be able to explore. I wish you the best and hope and trust you are selected!

    • Susan, I know you are exceptionally qualified for an HR jog. I also know you bring more to the table than a twenty or thirty something, All those years of experience are so valuable, and so are you. You are a fair, trustworthy, engaging person who deserves the best. YOU DESERVE TO WIN THIS CONTEST.

    • Hi Susan, I voted for you, and will ask others to also. Sorry Bryon, but it is not right that someone who does not know the fear, helplessness, and despair of being unemployed to win.

    • I’d like to echo the comments of the others who have supported Susan. She is involved in the business community, as evidenced by her networking skills and the good advice she shares with others. She definately puts forth the effort and has demonstrated the characteristics employers are seeking. I believe she is worthy of the package and that you will not be wasting your time or energy investing in her future. I vote for Susan!

  27. I believe I am the person most deserving to win the Ultimate Career Coaching Package. As many of my family and friends know, this is a very difficult request for me to write the reasons why I am deserving to win this prize and to ask them to vote for me. All I can say is that I want to work and I want to find a career in Accounting that will be both rewarding and challenging for me, so that I will be better able to help others. Right now, I am limited in how I can help others with the limited financial resources that I have . I am blessed to have a large family with many grandchildren whom I love very much, but am unable to bless them like I would like to. I would be able to bless them and others if I could land that career in 2011 with the help of J. T. O’Donnell. I am a hard worker and diligent at getting the work done with quality being at the forefront of all I do or accomplish. I know I can be a real asset to my future boss and the company I work for. Please vote for me.

    • After reading some of the other comments I realize I haven’t said much about myself. So I am going to add a little more about myself. In addition, I hope I can tone down or revamp my first sentence in the previous comment. It is true that so many people are hurting and in need of this help from J.T. O’Donnell and I truly wish everyone the best in their obtaining the ideal career for them. Just remember if we don’t win the prize, we must continue knocking on those doors, and one day we will get the job we have worked so hard to obtain.

      I haven’t worked since November of 2007. I decided to go back to college to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I had been thinking about doing this for many years and as the years went by I thought it was just too late to go back to school. You see, I am also one of those older workers that hopes employers are not overlooking because of my age. I have 14 years of accounting experience and have worked for both profit and non-profit organizations. I have changed my resume and cover letter several times in hopes this will get my foot in the door. I have worked in customer service and love working with people, but also enjoy getting into the details of a task. I have experience as an administrative assistant as well as in administration. I have found that I really enjoy working with seniors, they have so much to share. I also enjoy working with children, they have so much energy, know how to enjoy life, and have so many questions. One of my passions in life is to be able to help in finding homes for cats and dogs that have lost their previous owners and end the terrible cruelty to animals. I know I can’t help them all, but I want to do as much as I can. I wish you all the best. Sheri Wilson

  28. I would like to win this contest because I have never been one to sit around and not work. I have tried everything to get a job. A few of the times I have tried to go in and hand in my resume personally, I got reprimanded for it. As comical as my job search has been, I would like to end the journey and start a new job. When I lost my job in 2008, I immediately took on a part time job so that I may continue to work and still search for a replacement. In 2010, I lost that part time job when they closed down. I don’t know what else to do. I do appreciate all the webinars and advice on this site. I have used a great deal of it. Thank you,
    Bessa Wahba

  29. I am submitting Janet’s name as the person most deserving to win the Ultimate Career Coaching Package. With many years of experience in accounting and a job with a well-known company, Janet believed she would continue providing excellent results for the company and its customers to the day she retired.
    Unfortunately, in 2003 her employer faced financial troubles and Janet found herself laid-off. Doing what was necessary to make ends meet, Janet cleaned homes and performed any other odd job she could find, all while searching for a way back into the professional world from which she had been discarded.
    It was not until 2008, when Janet discovered a job training program designed for job-seekers over 55 years old, that she was able to return to an office environment. Today she continues as an intern in this program, refreshing her skills. Janet hopes to become employed by a company that will value her many years of accounting experience, her strong customer service, and her intense work ethic. Janet will be an asset to any company that hires her!

  30. J.T. states that 2011 can be the year to get that elusive job for millions of Americans and has offered the Ultimate Career Coaching Package for one lucky winner! It is time for some major change! My friends and family who know me and will vote for me understand how determined I have been this past year in finding that elusive position through workshops, joining a professional job organization, networking, etc. I have enjoyed the fruits of a teaching and sales career, and am in the middle of re-inventing myself, but want the job where I can make a better impact where my new wife and family can reap the rewards. Please vote for me so I can get that great job in 2011!

  31. Hearing J.T. state that millions of Americans will have an upcoming New Years resolution that will be about finding a new job really rings home for me. I can write a sob story about the last two years for me have been an emotional roller coaster, but who wants to hear that?

    I can say, I can not WAIT for next year and the fantastic opportunities that wait! This year in my process to reinvent myself, I went back to school to obtain a Master’s Degree in Business and could use the fantastic help of J.T. and Careerealism to make a much more affective job search. Thank you J.T. for this contest!

  32. The reason why I deserve to win the career coaching contest is because I just finished the most difficult year of my life. A year ago I was employed at a major teaching hospital as a manager then last September I was in a car accident and then in November another accident in the home. After sustaining whiplash that went undiagnosed for several months, injury to my spine and a concussion I was not able to return to work within the twelve week FMLA job protected period and ultimately lost my job in February. It took another three months before my doctor would clear me to work again. I have now spent since last May searching for a new position with no results. I never thought finding another job would be this difficult. I have been on some interviews but, to date, no solid job offers. As time passes I have exhausted my unemployment benefits and find myself slipping into states of depression. As much as I have tried I can’t seem to get past the first interview. Everyone needs a break in life and I would love to get that break in 2011.

    • Fripaldi! You are not alone. But I hope you do something to break the depression. Can I suggest volunteering for Habitat for Humanity? It worked wonders for me, reminding me of my ability to contribute, and broadening my network. If you aren’t into building, there are many “Restore’s” (Their home improvement outlet.) around. The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph, right? Go get em’, with a head held high.

  33. A synonym of “deserve” is “be worthy of”. The friends and family who know me and vote for me understand how determined I can be in researching a subject, and with the advent of this contest, I’ve come to a realization. The countless hours I’ve spent on dozens of websites trying to learn everything I can about resumes, cover letters, interviewing, networking, etc., have not proved fruitful. A change is in order! In California, I enjoyed 20 years of continuous and progressive employment in Materials and Purchasing Management, I have no doubt I am a true asset to an employer. And while I love my new state of Washington, the Job Gods have not smiled favorably on me here. Yes, I am worthy of winning the Ultimate Career Coaching Package. And I know that my friends and family want me to have that great job in 2011!

    • Sharon, I know I am your competitor but I voted for you. I agreed with your post to Bryan Lian about this being a popularity contest. I don’t have the network that some people have and struggle to find jobs just to be told that someone more experienced got the position. I don’t mean to be critical to anyone and I am only stating my opinion but It seems like the person who wins this contest will be the one that is most likely to use their network to find a job. My sister, who seems to never have trouble finding a new job, told me that finding a job is about the numbers. I can see now that that was at least partially right.

      As for myself, I cannot say I am more deserving than anyone else. I entered this contest because my children deserve better than what I am providing now. We struggle from paycheck to paycheck and get stressed out when something goes wrong because we don’t have the money to fix it. I want to win because my children are more deserving than anyone who posted here.

      • Thank you Brian! I voted for you as well. If it makes you feel better, I have 20+ years of experience in my field, most of them in management, but the job goes to the one with a degree. Still there are plenty with both unable to land a job in this economy. Go get that piece of paper Brian, 2011 will be brighter.

          • Happy New Year! And congradulations. You where not the winner but at least you where in the top five. I think a subscription to the Careerealism Club is a good consilation prize and will help us a lot in the new year. Good luck again for this new year.

  34. I deserve to win the Ultimate Career Coaching package for many reasons. I graduate in 2007 from Indiana State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Administration then attended Community College of Beaver County for Air Traffic Control(ATC) School graduating in 2008. ATC is not for everyone as I found out after hands-on training. My desirer is to work for a leading company for me to put my mark on the world. I do not want to be going though the motions of a mindless job. I have made big moves by myself to take an internship where I knew no one just for the knowledge that I would recieve. Continually, I will apply and apply until I get a career not a job that I want, but I need help. Vote for me so I can make an impact on my life and others.

    • Hi Mmurphy,

      No doubt you know that employers are not tolerant of spelling, tense, grammar, and punctuation errors in a resume or cover letter. Your post contains all of these, can a suggest you team up with someone who can proof read for you? I say this with a sincere intent to help. Good luck!

  35. I deserve to win the Ultimate Career Coaching package, one that guarantees my new job in 2011, because I live to serve others and haven’t been able to break out to help myself in the best way possible, getting the right job. I put in an awesome effort as a retail department manager at a home improvement store. Wearing an orange apron, I bleed orange, helping every customer, developing and supporting my associates. My full assist mode extends to a wonderful family and home community, I’m very involved. This hasn’t stopped me from completing a Masters of Management degree, PHR certification and joining HR communities online and IRL. But I haven’t gotten traction where it counts, getting the interviews and the best job where I will make a greater impact, with the rewards my family needs. Please vote for me, thanks.

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