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14 Things That Impact The Quality Of Your Personal Brand


Quality and personal excellence are two key elements of your personal brand. The degree to which you fully embrace the importance of these elements is communicated to others on a continuous basis and is incorporated into others’ vision of who you are (i.e. the personal brand that you broadcast).

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Those who are fully aware of this fact can definitely undertake action to broadcast a personal brand that elevates their professionalism through conscious focus on quality and personal excellence.

Here are 14 things that impact the quality of your personal brand:

  • Every e-mail message you send to someone else.
  • Every voicemail message you leave for someone.
  • The voicemail message others hear when they try to reach you.
  • Your e-mail “signature.”
  • Any and all social media profiles you have on networking sites online: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Every written deliverable you submit to anyone else – report, analysis, memo, white paper, article, newsletter, letter, brochure.
  • Any presentation you make in front of anyone else.
  • Every business card you hand out to someone else.
  • The manner in which you greet a stranger or anyone else you meet for the first time.
  • The manner in which you present yourself physically – your style of dress and grooming.
  • Every conversation you have with another person.
  • The quality of the people you “hang around with.”
  • The role you play in community and professional organizations.
  • The degree of kindness and compassion you communicate to others in every interaction you have.

Each of the above activities represent an opportunity to communicate a high level of quality and personal excellence. Missing the beat on any one of these activities represents a chink in your chain of successfully offering a consistent message of your commitment to quality and personal excellence.

Take an inventory of how well you are broadcasting your personal brand elements of quality, excellence, and professionalism through all of the above activities. Commit today to a personal program of continuous improvement.

In today’s market, there is no question the personal brand elements of quality and personal excellence are more important than ever. The value you add to your employer, your clients, your professional network, and your personal network will be significantly enhanced through relentless attention to these elements.

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Andy Robinson

Andy Robinson, founder of Career Success Partners, is a leading authority on career success and a 15-year career coaching veteran.


  1. It is a surprise that even the daily activities like sending emails, leaving voice mails and greeting someone is defining someone’s brand. After reading this, I will be more careful & conscious as to how I carry on my daily activities.

    • Cathy,

      Thanks for your question. We don’t know exactly how many CAREEREALISM visitors have gotten jobs because of our content, but we have gotten dozens and dozens of emails from people thanking us for our help in their search for a new job, promotion or raise. Our sister site, CareerHMO, has had many successful clients find jobs after our career coaching.

      If there’s anything else we can help you with, just let me know!

  2. no one ever attains very eminent success by simply doing what is required of him, it is the amount of excellence of what is over and above the required that determines greatness


  3. Thank you for your tips on “Careerealism”. I have to admit i am still getting used to the ‘corp-speak’ or weasel words’ ….”personal brand”, ”leveraging synergies” (still not sure what that means.) The above list…..would have thought that…”The degree of kindness and compassion you communicate to others in every interaction you have” should be at the TOP of the list. Maybe i have my ‘personal branding’ ‘trending’ the wrong way around????????!!!!!!!!

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