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6 Tricks To Increase Your Odds On Job Boards


Major job boards like CareerBuilder and Monster are one of the most popular ways for companies to develop a candidate pool when looking to fill an open position. With high unemployment and candidate competition increasing, how does a candidate stand out from the virtual pack when posting a resume on a major job board? Here are six tricks to increase your odds on job boards:

1. Your Resume Title

First impressions are important and the title of your resume will determine whether your resume gets a first look. Include action words in the title that best describe your experience and are different from the norm. An example would be “Certified AMX Audio Visual Professional.”

2. Include An Objective In Your Online Profile

An objective describes what career opportunity as well as industry you are interested in learning more about. Recruiters spend roughly 10 seconds or less per resume. Keep your objective simple, direct, and to the point. For example, “Seasoned and Certified Human Resource Director interested in opportunity within the non-profit industry.” Limit your objective to 1-2 sentences.

3. Resume Format

Include bullets, open space, dates, and quantitative numbers on your resume. Avoid spelling errors, unprofessional e-mail addresses, and a format that is not easily skimmed and no more than two pages.

4. Update Your Profile Weekly

Job boards list resumes by most recently updated and allow recruiters to use search by resumes updated daily, weekly, and monthly. Keep your resume at the top of the pack by updating it weekly. You can also take advantage of CareerBuilder’s advantage option which automatically provides you this service but at a fee.

5. Use Searchable Buzzwords And Keyword Terms

Recruiters use keyword search to find relevant resumes and candidates. Include terms relevant to the industry or job you are interested in. Include any specialized certifications and their abbreviations as well as other specific qualifications to increase your exposure.

6. Include Your Contact Information

Recruiters do not have the time or patience to contact a candidate that uses an anonymous resume on a job board. Increase your exposure odds by including your contact information, including e-mail and phone numbers. Monster has a feature, called Privacy Plus, that allows users to block up to 20 companies from viewing your resume.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell

Jessica Miller-Merrell, SPHR is an author, speaker, human resources professional, and workplace social media expert with a passion for recruiting, training, and social media. Her book, Tweet This! Twitter for Business was published in 2010.


  1. I disagree with posting your resume on careerbuilder. Within one day of using that feature, I received 20 emails and phone calls asking for interviews. Most were SCAMS! I now regret having my personal information out there. It has been several months since taking my resume down and I still receive spam emails on a daily basis.

  2. As a hiring manager for 30 years I agree with a few of these tips but must respectfully disagree with others. “Job Objectives” on resumes are out-dated. The hiring manager doesn’t care about the candidates wants or desires…the hiring staff want to know if the person matches up will to the needs of the job. Period. So scratch the Job Objective and make a “Career Profile” or “Professional Profile” in which you lay out your skills and experience that MATCHES the posted job description. Use similar phrases and buzzwords to those in the posted job description. The closer your phrases match the job’s descriptions the better your chances. Its human nature for us to want to match similar things together, and be skeptical where there are differecnes.

    • Wow thanks for your response. As a professional MA searching to continue my career in the medical field, getting feedback from managers is nearly impossible. My wish would be if I personality do not have the skills that offices are looking for after the interview or in the interview tell me why. I know there are people that don’t want to hear the negative but I rather hear how I can better my chances for a position similar than think I did great and never get a call.

    • Bill

      Thank you for the clarification, most professionals say to bag the objective, but there still seems to be some disagreement. It is good to hear from an actual manager. I took your post and sent it to a couple of friends.


  3. Jessica, these are great tips. There are so many opportunities available online for job seekers, but it’s up to us to use them correctly! AM, I believe it is no more than 2 pages. Many employers prefer the one page resume, but some are becoming more lenient.

  4. I love # 3, but all of them are so important and I use these strategies with every young person with whom I come into contact.

  5. I love # 3, but all of them are so important and I use these strategies with every young person with whom I come into contact.

  6. I love # 3, but all of them are so important and I use these strategies with every young person with whom I come into contact.

  7. Please clarify the statement “Avoid spelling errors, unprofessional e-mail addresses, and a format that is not easily skimmed and no more than 2 pages.”

    The resume should or should not be more than 2 pages?

    • My resume was 2 pages because I held several positions at the same company for 25 years. I was told only to show the last 10 years which reduced my resume to 1 page. Still don’t have a job.

      I’ve tried most of these tricks and heard nothing.

      My problem? I’m too over qualified for the jobs I believe I AM qualified for.

      And yet I’ve been told to apply for positions well BELOW my qualifications and skills. Wouldn’t this show me as being desperate?

  8. I want to highlight number 6 Include Your Contact Information. You would think this would be obvious but you would be surprised how many job applicants do not include any contact information.

    It's a little hard to get a job if the recruiter has no way to contact you.

    • Exactly! I include my name, home and mobile number as well as an email address that isn’t funky (eg love2club) and that I’m on LinkedIn.

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