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9 Ways To Be Happy In Job You Don’t Like


For most of us, work is a requirement. Until we uncover or create the opportunity that allows us to work our passion, we may be in a job that’s just, well… a job.

Accepting your 9-5 is just a job works fine until you finally start listening to your passion and purpose. Once you begin to acknowledge your purpose and feed your passion, your “day job” may begin to feel like a burden.

Ways To Be Happy In Job You Hate

So, how do you make it through the 40+ hours a week without feeling like you are serving time for a crime you didn’t commit? Here are nine tips on how to be happy at a job you hate:

1. Stay out of drama. Keep away from contentious people.

2. Initiate a new project. Tie it to a new skill you want to learn or practice.

3. Choose a better perspective. Look for opportunities and wins instead of shortcomings and faults.

4. Find a buddy. Research shows people that have friends at work have a higher rate of career satisfaction.

5. Learn something new. Read a book, read an article, take an on-line course. Find a way to get new information and let it inspire you.

6. Practice gratitude. Be grateful for what you do have and what you have the potential to create.

7. Stop talking about how bad things are. Lift the weight of your environment by speaking positively about your work, your co-workers, and your company.

8. Keep working towards your passion. Whether it is five hours or five minutes, find a way to incorporate what you are passionate about into your routine.

9. Get a life. If you are pouring all of yourself into work that’s not satisfying, create a better balance by adding more “extra-curricular” activities.

Bottom line: You don’t have to be miserable even if you are in a miserable job. Taking responsibility for creating your own happiness at work puts you back in the driver’s seat of your career where you belong.

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Tai Goodwin

Passionate about helping people grow, Tai Goodwin has a keen intuition on helping people tap into their brilliance. She has been empowering others for over 19 years.


  1. Hi Tai,
    Very nice article and a good motivator for people dragging in dead end jobs. There are of course, numerous reasons for people to continue on a job they absolutely hate, but it is very important to stay calm, less stressed and maintain high confidence levels.

    Great Read.

  2. this is good but I have thought about some of the suggestions and started following up but the problem is, when I get home I’m so drained that after two weeks I just fell back to doing nothing. I can’t even exercise anymore because after 5 months in, I’m still working on weekends. I can’t quit because of expenses (which are pretty minimal – rent, food, bills). my job is entry level and just a little above the minimum. I’m sure I don’t want to keep doing this but changing jobs now would mean going somewhere with even lower pay. it’s a really small company and there isn’t anyone in the office exapt me and my bosses – if I want to take professional courses or continue to a master’s degree I would need more than what I have now… I just don’t know what to do :(

  3. Sometimes you just can’t quit a job you hate. But I like the parts of the article that advise getting involved in learning something knew and taking steps to pursue your passions. Sometimes just knowing your are working towards a new goal, or new beginning can get you through the long days until you are ready or able to finally make the change. I’ve been in this situation and while I was unhappy at work, I used my company’s education benefit to get my graduate degree. It felt good to leave a less than appealing work situation and go to a class where collaboration with other like-minded professionals was the norm.

  4. Why would I want to love the job I hate, this has been 6 months of hell and torture! I took this job because unemployment ran out. I am not interested in the field, the job is totally entry level and I’ve been out of college for 13 years. They low-balled me $5K on the offer compared to what they said it paid and I was not at a point where I could call them on it. There is no career growth, I don’t want any career growth with this company. The policies are draconian compared to what I am used to and worship of the higher ups is encouraged.

    I sit here do the minimum and look for another job in my spare time. I’m fine and dandy on weekends, I’m totally different. I’ve been on two interviews so far, one for a job I did not want. That is the only thing I am semi-grateful for, I can afford to be a tad picky. I have two possible interviews coming up. I know competition is horrible and it will probably take me a year to get something else. It took that long to get this crapfest but as long as I am doing something about it, I can stay sane. Sticking it out passively is not an option that should be encouraged. I waste 10 hours of my day here – including lunch and commute times. I want to spend it doing something a little more challenging and meaningful (or at least that pays my old salary). No, you do not have to be “happy” with a job you hate. Keep trying to get out and if it is financially feasible for you to do so – QUIT.

  5. This article is absolutely ridiculous. If you are in a job you hate, the best thing to do is quit. I mean, not every one is going to LOVE their job–and you don’t have to–but why suffer through something you HATE..???

  6. Hi Tai!
    This is quite inspiring for me.Iam in some situation at work where I feel Iam underutilized,have outlived my position and feel like leaving my current work the earliest!But have not been lucky to land in any green pastures.Please help me see how I can land in a job I be passionate about.

    God Bless you.

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