Allies To The Out-Of-Work

Allies To The Out-Of-Work


The holiday season has passed. The election is over. Unfortunately, that means the fact that 25M+ people are still out of work, many of them on a long-term basis, has fallen back into obscurity. All across this country, there are talented people whose confidence has been crushed. The chronic job search has left them confused and defeated.

We want to do something about it.

Today Is The First Day Of The Allies To The Out-Of-Work Fundraiser

Harnessing the power of the micro-fundraising site,, we launched a campaign today to raise $10,000 that will give 100 long-term unemployed people a full scholarship to our Job Search Accelerator Program (JSAP). This program is helping hundreds of people find work.

However, it’s not something we can give away for free. So, we are hoping to get donations from those of you out there who:

A) Have been out of work recently and know how hard the job search really is.

B) Know somebody long-term unemployed and want to sponsor them.

C) Care about getting Americans back to work and on their feet.

You can learn more about the program (and donate) by click the botton below:


For the next 3 weeks, we will share stories of those who have applied for a scholarship (see the application form here), so you can see how important it is that we get them the help they want and deserve, but can’t afford.

In fact, here is one such story. Meet Dan:

What’s the hardest part about being unemployed long term?

The hardest part for me is getting others to see the great value that I can provide. I have been unemployed for almost one full year. I have been to several interviews and have had a few second round interviews but still can’t seem to find a job.

What have you been doing to look for work so far?

I have been searching the job boards, company websites, talking with my network of professional friends on Linkedin, working with recruiters and just about anyone who would listen. I have also been reading articles from Careerealism (which I find helpful).

Why do you feel our Job Search Accelerator Program can help you?

I don’t know if it will work for me. I want to leave no stone unturned so I am willing to give it a shot. The worst that can happen is that I learn how to search for a new career in a different way.


Allies to the Out-of-work really sound like something that could help others like me you want to get back into the workforce but are struggling. On behalf of all us long-termed unemployed, Thank You for the opportunity!

I hope you’ll consider donating so that Dan and many others can get the help they need. We are grateful for any size donation! And, if you do donate, we have some fabulous perks available. See here…

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you will spread the word via your favorite social channels.


J.T. O’Donnell

Founder, CareerHMO

Your Turn

If you’re interested in helping out job seekers in need, please donate to Allies to the Out-of-Work and help them get back on their professional feet. Learn more here…


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  1. I think this campaign is a great idea! Sponsoring a program like this one has its associated costs. Having a way to let people who have jobs help others who don’t is cool. Kind of a pay-it-forward approach.

    I think there is not much profit to be made when they charge $100 per person for this kind of a program. I was just looking earlier at a workshop, in Costa Rica (where I live, which is cheaper than the US in most things), for a 1.5 hr lecture on personal branding and THAT was $100.

    I really enjoy the advice I have seen on this site and would love to help create a program like this one for people in my country.

  2. Well I applied to the program. Never in my career have I been out of work this long. I agree with Dan in leaving no stone unturned in my search.
    As for asking people who frequent this site to donate? hmmmmm I guess they are asking those who have found jobs to help others who haven’t.

  3. I look forward to see the daily posts from Career Realism. Donating money? For what? Just started to smell fishy to me.
    Agree totally with Sarah!

  4. I have some ethical questions about a company raising money through this format to use on their own services. It seems very self-serving to me: you are raising donations to fund your for-profit business.

    Between this and the rise of ads posing as articles on this site I am losing respect for Career Realism. I think you’ve take a wrong step along the path and hope to see things improve again.

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