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4 Things To Do Before Asking For A Promotion


Now that you have worked for years and years, you finally think it’s time for a promotion. You have always given your best and feel like you deserve it since you played your role in bringing your company to the next level. The bosses know you as the reliable, trustworthy, and loyal employee you are and even showed you their willingness to have a talk about your future within the company.

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Here are four things you should do before asking for a promotion:

1. Look Your Best

When discussing your next steps, it’s important to be prepared for a serious discussion. The right appearance might be the alpha and omega for your talk. Your appearance may also include some accessories which symbolize self-confidence for you and your dialogue partner.

Since watches are normally the only pieces of accessory a man can wear and indisputably strong status symbol, wearing one is a good choice. So, wear a watch for the business look to tell them you know what you are in for. To dress properly might seem like a minor detail at first glance, but the evaluation of a person starts with their appearance – do not underestimate that. Check out these vintage watches for him to learn more about your style.

2. Prove Your Worth

Although looking professional is important, it’s not enough. You also need to prove your importance for the company. So, collect some detailed information about your past achievements in the run-up. Everything that shows your creativity and contribution to progress of your department is useful, and should be presented as positive as possible.

3. Send Updates

Since you will need to give a good impression and be able to back up your points, it’s essential to learn some self-promotion in advance. Sending your supervisor and his/her boss an update about your work every now and then may show them your development on a regular basis while keeping them from forgetting your name.

4. Build A Network

Instead of trying to isolate yourself on the way up, try to build up a network of people who are essential for a well-functioning team and can function as support concerning your future career. You will learn a lot more when it comes to optimization of work processes if you talk to people in different departments instead of locking yourself away from other employees.

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  1. This is great. I think it’s key to manage your manager’s expectations that you are angling for promotion. You should be doing this months or even a year in advance. That way, you have planted the idea in your manager’s head that you are working towards this goal and when the time comes, he will help make a case for you to the promotion committee (if there is one – promotions in Google go through a promotion committee)

  2. Hi Laura,

    That is a great article and a great list of tips. Thank you for sharing.

    I like the “self-promotion” point best. Most people are too modest (falsely modest in my opinion) to showcase their work and the contribution they have made to their customer’s success and / or their organisation’s success. I was like that for many years of my career too, till I learned to overcome the inhibition to self promote.

    I have compiled a similar free report — it lists he top 10 career growth mistakes people make, and how they can avoid these mistakes. My free report is at:

    I would love to hear what you think of it.

    It will also be great if we can connect and collaborate since we are working in similar areas. What do you think?


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