5 Ways To Build Confidence For An Interview


The interview is one component of the job seeking process that most people love to hate.

While it serves as a sign from the employer that you are being strongly considered for a position, it also can be a source of angst for candidates who fear they’ll make mistakes that will cut them out of the running.

A great way to overcome the anxiety interviews produce is to begin feeling good about the process.

Need help getting there? Here are five ways to build confidence for an interview.

1. Conduct Research

One great way to build your interviewing confidence is by conducting plenty of research on the company you’re applying with and the position it’s offering. A common question interviewers ask is, “Do you know anything about our company?” Most times, candidates are forced to answer “No.”

If you’re able to share the company’s background information and showcase knowledge of its future goals for the position in question, you’ll undoubtedly catch the interviewer off-guard, in a great way!

2. Locate Sample Interview Questions

There are many sample interview questions floating around the Internet that can help you gauge the types of questions you could be asked. Take time to review those questions—and come up with great answers—to ensure the actual interview flows fluidly.

3. Practice Often

A great way to build your confidence for the interview is to practice before the big day. You can do this by answering questions in front of the mirror to read your own facial expressions and body language, or have a friend act as the interviewer to help you simulate the actual environment.

4. Make Sure You Have No “Skeletons”

An important step in preparing for your interview is being able to recall your own career history and discuss prospective goals with the company and in your professional life as a whole.

But as you look back over your career, be sure to research yourself online to ensure there are no skeletons on the Internet that could be brought up in your interview.

Remember, companies conduct background checks often via search engines, so it’s up to you to ensure your social networking profiles are professional, or private.

5. Decide What The Job Is Worth

You may assume that this tip refers to the amount you expect to be paid for the position. In fact, you may be asked about salary expectations, so it’s good to prepare an answer.

But aside from salary, it’s important to decide whether the job is worth handing over your password to a social networking site or other personal site, something that has become a trend for some employers.

Do you feel that sharing private information is worth it? Give this some thought before arriving at the interview.

In addition to taking the above steps, it’s great to find a professional outfit you feel comfortable wearing. Feeling good in your clothes and knowing you’ve fully prepared can work wonders in boosting your confidence before the big day.

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Jessica Holbrook Hernandez

Jessica Holbrook Hernandez, CEO of Great Resumes Fast is an expert resume writer, career and personal branding strategist, author, and presenter.


  1. To me the essential part of doing an interview well is to prepare properly. Use a tool like PowerPoint or to aggregate your story and display it well. I find that bringing these out in an interview where appropriate can really help you stand out and seem prepared. Doing this beforehand also helps you to organise your thoughts and have your experience fresh in your mind. Being well prepared will give you confidence in yourself and your ability to answer the questions that are likely to come up.

  2. It would also be smart to bring in 2 copies of your resume (interview etiquette) and make a good cover letter. It will make you look more prepared and organized. I even bring a planner with me just in case they tell me to come in for training or anything, probably a bit too much but that’s just how I like to keep organized.

  3. Real Practical tips,i would love to add a point – the job role that we choose has to be result of our own choice but not by chance.. we strive hard for what we choose and fail to take challenges for what comes our way by chance.

  4. That’s it / those 5 steps and you are ready :) And just listen carefuly what do they ask during the Interview prcess. Take your time before you give your answer but THINK FAST;)

  5. We recommend to be prepared with a few questions of your own to ask in your interview, review the job description and your Resume a few minutes before you go in for the interview and remember to smile :)

  6. 6. Listen to a great song right before you leave your car/walk into the interview!

    I took a tip from some athletic experience and listened to some songs that pump me up on my way to the last time I interviewed for jobs. I went in there feeling alert and confident, and it took my mind off of being nervious. I received offers from both places, and I think this little bit of my ritual helped with that!

  7. This is good advice. I feel no matter how much advise on this subject we all still get nervous of the “unknown” its like betting on something! You have a 50-50 chance of winning?

  8. Good advice! Something I’d like add to number three: while you’re practicing, it can often be helpful to film yourself answering interview questions. Play it back to identify what your body language is communicating (remember not to fidget, look down a lot, or slouch!) and how confident you come across in general. This can often be difficult to gauge without seeing it from another perspective, so recording yourself is helpful. Some universities even offer this service for students in their career and advising departments.

  9. Great set of tips.

    In addition I would suggest that people also sit down and make a list of all of their achievements personally and professionally.

    What I notice is that people tend to forget things they have achieved in the past.

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