Best Advice For A Career Change

The Best Advice For A Career Change


If you’ve been out of work for a while, you may decide  what you need is a career change. The success of that approach depends on your answers to five important questions.

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First, are you considering a change because you do not like your current work situation? It may make more sense to look for another work situation than to leave your career.

The Best Advice For A Career Change

As a Coach and Professional Resume Writer for more than 10 years, I have found many folks who confuse unhappiness with their current situation as unhappiness with their career choice. There is a difference. I can help you determine which change is right for you.

Second, if you have any doubts about a career change, are you sure you have exhausted every avenue to advance in your current career?

Third, if you are determined on a change, are you moving into a career you can feel passionate about? If you are depressed about the prospect of change—for example, if you are leaving behind the only work that gives you joy—you cannot present yourself well at interviews.

Your lack of passion shows.

That type of career change makes your job search harder, not easier.

Fourth are your skills transferrable? If you need help presenting your skills and achievements in their best light, get help from a professional.

Fifth, if you do not have the current skills to make the final career change you want, do you know what steps to take to qualify for the career you want?

A career change should be exciting and fulfilling… not stressful.

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  1. Being “discourage” is a term not likely to move you forward ,remember an old adage ” a quitter never wins but a winner never quits”. Perseverance is noble BUT you have to re-evaluate yourself what are those things that you need to posses to get your career on track.Career I believe is only secondary to “income”. Many people have already “reinvented” themselves and most were proven to be highly successful.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion Edgar! Self-evaluation is really important, so simply knowing that will already put you ahead of many people.

  2. I am a graduate of an accounting course, in which I enjoy many aspects of accounting. I have revamped my resume to fit my educational background although most of my experience is in factories/ manufacturing. I have put myself out the the best that I know how and have had no such luck at finding a career in accounting. I read careeralism post every day for any advise I can though I still haven’t landed so much as an interview. I’m getting very discouraged and not sure what to do. Any words of advise to help would be great.

  3. Very valuable advice you made about not being happy in your career – you must first determine if it the job rather than the career you are unhappy with!

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