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Career Prep: You’re Drunk, Boss Walks in, Now What?


Career Prep Drunk BossJob search takes practice – just like studying for the SAT. That’s why we came up with daily Career Prep questions to help you “study” for your job search!

Here’s today’s question:

Jane was partying with friends at an Oktoberfest event Saturday night when her boss and his wife walked in. It was Jane’s birthday, and she had consumed more than a few drinks.

When she woke up the next morning, her friends told her that her boss had waved to her repeatedly and she hadn’t waved back. Instead, she kept turning her back and saying to her friends, “He can’t see me like this!”

Jane is dreading Monday morning. What should she do?

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  1. She was outside of work and at a beer drinking festival, she should talk to the boss, but not apologize. Never show unneccissary weakness, it is unattractive…

    • Apologizing is not a show of weakness; it’s just good manners. I read the question as her apologizing for her childish avoidance tactics, not her alcohol consumption.

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