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“Career Rehab” is a video-based career coaching resource that
broadcasts exclusively on Google Plus.

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Career Rehab will be your opportunity to get help from leading career experts. You’ll also get a career coaching services package valued at over $900 from our sister site, CareerHMO.

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Career Rehab is a new cutting edge show from CAREEREALISM, sponsored by CareerHMO. Participants submit a video with a career or job related question or scenario, then during the show it will be answered by three CAREEREALISM-Approved Experts. As a gift for being on Career Rehab, participants will receive a free one year Premium membership to CareerHMO.

How Career Rehab Will Work

Incase you were wondering how Career Rehab will work and look, here is a basic overview of the process and show.

  • Potential participants submit a video of themselves asking a career/job related question or scenario. You can also submit other material that is related to your video (i.e. resume, cover letter, online profile etc.). See the “How to Submit” section for details.
  • CAREEREALISM’s content team will review submissions and alert the selected participants via e-mail with details.
  • On the day of the live show J.T., the host, will introduce the experts, who will be using Google+ Hangouts. Then we will play your video for the experts and show any additional material you provided us with all personal information blacked out. After your video, the experts will do a quick advice round where they each will answer your question or scenario as it relates to their specific area of expertise. These are the basics of what the live show will consist of.
  • After the show is streamed live, our video content team will post-produce the episode to make it look spectacular.
  • It will then be uploaded and made public on our YouTube Channel along with embedding it on our Career Rehab page here on CAREEREALISM. Participants will get to view the finished episode before it goes public.
  • After all is said and done, participants also get a free one year Premium membership to our career coaching site CareerHMO.

These are the basics of the Career Rehab process, folks. If you have any other questions or concerns please e-mail us at info@careerealism.com and title your e-mail: Career Rehab Inquiry – The Date.

Submission Overview

Don’t be afraid to elaborate on your career question or problem! If you feel comfortable, provide a little background to your situation without giving away too many personal details. That way, it’s easier for our career experts to get to the root of your problem and solve it!

How to Submit

To submit a video, send an e-mail to info@careerealism.com.

In the subject line, please put: Career Rehab Submission: Your Name and Date.

Then in the body please copy and paste the information below and fill out.

Basic Info

Name (Full):
E-mail Address:
Mailing Address:

Show Related Info

What Industry You Work In:
How Many Years in Industry:
Question or Scenario (Basic Overview):

Video Submission

YouTube URL:
Video Attachment: [Yes or No]
Do You Want Your Video Censored: [Yes or No]

Additional Material

Do You Have Additional Material: [Yes or No]
If “Yes” Please List: [Add URL for online profiles]
Attached to E-mail: [Yes or No]

Video Submission Options

Before submitting its good to know that there are two ways in which you can submit your question or scenario.

1. If you have a Youtube account, record and upload your video to your account but make it “unlisted.” Then when your composing your submission e-mail, simply copy and paste your unlisted video URL in the designated section.

2. If you don’t have a YouTube account or don’t want to upload your video, you can send us the video file instead. Record your video on your computer then attach it to your submission e-mail. Don’t forget to fill out the section regarding attached videos.

Privacy Options

We don’t want you to be afraid of submitting your questions and scenarios to Career Rehab, so we’re giving participants the option of having their video censored if needed. If you wish to censor your video we will have your face blurred out so you can not be recognized. Along with the censor option, we also let you choose what name you want to be known as while on the show. In your submission e-mail on the line entitled ” Alias,” simply write the name you wish to be called as a guest on Career Rehab. We want to make sure people feel comfortable and safe when submitting to be on Career Rehab.

Additional Material

If would like to submit additional material such as a resume, cover letter, online profile, or something else that is related to your question or scenario please feel free. Simply attach it to your submission e-mail and fill out the sections related to additional materials.

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