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4 (Silly) Myths About Employment Branding

I want you to clear your mind of everything you’ve been told about Employment Branding. To do that, you need to let go of the following 4 silly myths.


‘Top Recruiter’ Winners for Week of 11-9-2015

Meet the Newest ‘Top Recruiters’ on CAREEREALISM! CONGRATS to 5 NEW featured recruiters making it to the top 10!!! [Are you a recruiter who wants to compete in our ‘Top Recruiter’ contest? Get your *free* directory profile and join in. CLICK HERE NOW to get started >>] NOTE: To learn more about each one – click on…

Talent Connect Anaheim43A0800

Recruiters Can Now Get Featured to 1M Job Seekers (For FREE)

I’m just getting back from co-emceeing LinkedIn’s Talent Connect and am reaching out to as many recruiters as I can. Here’s why… At the event, I spoke to 1000’s of recruiters who are struggling to compete against companies who have more resources and budgets than they do. THAT FRUSTRATES ME! There are so many excellent companies…

Savvy Recruiter

#1 Secret To Being A Savvy Recruiter

What’s the secret to being a savvy recruiter? Sharing your company’s genuine Tribal Story! Find out what this is and how recruiters can leverage it.