Branding Statement

Boring Old Resume Objective Vs. Branding Statement

If you brand it will they come? While it may sound like one big field of dreams, a carefully crafted and customized branding statement will not only convey your value and define your vision, but it will also offer a unique perspective to prospective employers and hiring managers. It’s all about marketing yourself in the…

Red Flags Resumes Employers

4 Red Flags Employers Watch For On Resumes

Are you missing some fatal resume mistakes? It could be killing your chances. Here are the red flags employers watch for on resumes and how to address them.

Resume Glance

4 Ways To Pass The 8-Second Resume Glance

Recruiters scan resumes – it’s just a fact. If you want a positive response on your resume in the 8-second resume glance, here’s what you have to do…

Get Resume Past ATS

3 Ways To Get Your Resume Past The ATS

Your resume is being put through an applicant tracking system (ATS) for keyword matching. How can you ensure your resume gets past the ATS? Like this…