Disruptive Job Search

The Basics Of A Disruptive Job Search


How long have you been looking for work?

Honestly, can you step back and realistically calculate the actual time you’ve spent in the hunt? Is it days, weeks, months? See if you can guestimate the hours. Then, divide the total number of job interviews you’ve been on in to that number and you’ll have your current “job search hours per interview” statistic.

How’s that number looking to you?

My guess – not so good.

10 Interviews To Land A Job

If your job search isn’t getting you interviews, you aren’t going to get any job offers. In fact, my personal experience shows today’s job seeker can complete as many as 10 or more interviews with different companies before they get a job. The competitive job market and your own performance in the interview will impact that number greatly, but suffice it to say you need a way to get more interviews, preferably with the least amount of job search hours possible.

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Solution: Disruptive Job Search

The term “disruptive” is being used a lot lately in the marketing world.

(Click here to check out Wikipedia’s definition of “disruptive innovation.”)

The old techniques for selling products and services aren’t working any more. The Internet, and more specifically, social media have created a need for marketers to find new ways to engage their target audience. Experts say the solution is to be disruptive in the market as a way to get an audience’s attention, with the key to success being you make a positive impression in the process.

Disruptive is not about acting silly or crazy – it’s about being unexpected… in a good way. Job seekers need to pay attention to what these marketers are saying.

That’s because, as a business-of-one who is selling their services to employers, conducting a Disruptive Job Search could help a job seeker stand out, land more interviews, and get hired faster.

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I just completed a four-part video series on the subject. This training is 100% free and I know you’re going to find the advice useful.

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  1. I disrupted my job search, by opting out of the American Job Market. After 3 years of unemployment / underemployment – I decided to leave America. Once I started looking overseas – I had a job offer, in my field, and relocation benefits. When America doesn’t, can’t, won’t and hasn’t called back – it is time to leave. It is a sad state of affairs when it is easier to get a call back from half way around the world, than it is for a company down the street to answer their email, respond to their ad, answer their social media or return a phone call.
    Out source yourself – Corporate America has been doing it for years.
    PS – It helps to have a foreign language – but it is by no means necessary.

  2. I disrupted my job search after nearly six months. Attending a “designers & geeks” tech talk, I realized they were doing something called Shout Outs at the end of the evening: people were getting up and saying “we’re hiring” or “hire me” or “check out this cool app,” so I decided to get up and make an ask:

    “Hi, another jobseeker here. I’m Chris. I’m a hybrid visual designer/front-end developer/contentwriter-copyeditor. You can get in touch with me at codewordart.com because I write code, I write words, and I make art.”

    I got two firm offers: one on the spot, and another the next day. No resume, cover letter, or references were involved.

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