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Poll: If You’re Currently Employed, How Did You Hear About Your Job?


Oftentimes, we hear about what not to do in an interview or reasons why you didn’t get hired, but what if you did get hired?

In my experience, job boards have never really helped. My first job was at a library at the college where I received my undergraduate degree. One of my friends told me the Science Library was hiring, I looked for the position, applied and was hired. The job I currently have was acquired through a friend of a friend.

But we can’t rely on friends forever. So, how did you hear about your current job?

Please take our poll and tell us what you think in the comment section below!

How did you hear about your current job?

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Belen Chacon

Belen is a journalism graduate student at California State University, Northridge. She spends her time interning wherever she can and tweeting her heart out. You can follow her @journobelen.


  1. I found my current job by watching the companies job postings on their website.while unemployed I had about 20 companies I looked at their websotes daily.

  2. While looking for work or projects, I used social media and my website as a way to put my skills and previous projects out there for employers to find; like a visual resume. Although I applied for many positions, filled out applications and regularly checked job boards; the fact that I made sure that all my online profiles were filled out completely, consistent, and showcased not just what I have done, but summed up who I was as a person and what’s important to me – that’s what landed me a job. My employer was looking for someone specific to fill a role within his company – and he found my LinkedIn profile (which is 100% complete, added Behance to showcase my project work, added my WordPress blog, has recommendations, and I updated my status with current articles and links that were relevant to my field on a regular basis.) He contacted me directly, had a phone interview, and was offered the position during that call (which lasted an hour!)

  3. I found my current and previous positions through past colleagues reaching out to me on Facebook. As I was considering a job change, I also found an opportunity leading to a very nice offer on LinkedIn.

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