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How To Get Hired Fast


Nearly 60% of hires in 2011 came from external sources (as opposed to internal transfers and promotions) – a 10% increase over the two years prior.

The uptick is promising for job seekers on the outside, though, with an unemployment rate of 8.3%, competition remains fierce.

You are personally invited to watch a complimentary webinar (recording above) which will take you step-by-step through the job search process.

From the moment you decide to look for jobs to the moment you depart the in-person interview, this webinar has it all.

In this webinar Ian Siegel, founder and CEO of, walks job seekers through the steps of getting hired FAST. Key topics include:

  • Four things to do before you start applying
  • How to find the right jobs to apply to
  • How to get your application noticed
  • Tips for acing the interview

Watch the video below now!

Presenter’s Bio

Ian Siegel is the CEO of, a web-based platform that distributes job listings to over 25 of the web’s leading job boards and social networks with a single submission.

Prior to launching ZipRecruiter, Ian held executive product and technology roles at several early-stage to mid-size startups, including CitySearch,,, and Pictage. He and his co-founders started ZipRecruiter as a side venture before taking it full-time in 2010.

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  1. I’ve been job-hunting since February, best I’ve come across yet was a customer service boiler room. That didn’t last. What else is out there?

  2. Ian makes the point that: “The best time to find a job is immediately after you left your last job” – and the supporting data is that “You are five times as likely to get hired, if you are within five weeks of having left your last job, or been terminated from your last job”

    I disagree. I think it is MUCH better to find a job BEFORE you leave your current job.

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