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Finding A Job After The Military


Dear J.T. & Dale: I just returned from overseas and am looking for a job in the private sector. I need some help finding a job after the military. All my Army friends say not to bother, because civilians don’t understand the military and don’t hire us. How do I get companies to consider me? - Bradley

J.T.: One online resource you should check out is This is a job board for positions that require security clearance, but it also offers extensive job search resources. As for getting companies to consider you, it starts with convincing yourself. Where do you see yourself working in corporate America? What jobs have you identified that you are confident you could do successfully? If you can articulate reasons why you will succeed, you’ll have the right information to share with employers.

DALE: Speaking of convincing yourself… if all your Army friends are negative about civilian jobs, you need new friends. I’m sure there are some managers who have a bias against returning military, but there are many more who appreciate military discipline and work ethic. If you network your way to veterans who have made the transition, you can see – truly visualize – your contribution in a new job; that vision is what J.T. is talking about, connecting your future to your past in a way that employers understand.

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  1. Hi J.T. – I volunteer my resume writing and job search services to the Wounded Warrior Project, and although the unemployment rate for young Veterans is much hirer than the national average, there are a lot of employers who value the work ethic and training a Veteran provides. I use the Profile and Summary of Qualifications section to highlight the transferrable skills and benefits an employer can realize by hiring a Veteran, and translate the candidate’s military experience into civilian terms. You are very right, Bradley needs to convince himself, before he can attempt to convince an employer.

    I always enjoy your articles and CAREEREALISM TV webinars.

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