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Job Seekers: Don’t Be A Flyer-On-The-Corner Person


Hey job seekers!

Have you ever seen those folks on the sidewalk of a busy street handing out flyers? They have one tough job. Talk about dealing with rejection!? I don’t think a single one of us hasn’t seen them in action and thought, “Glad that’s not me.”

And yet, if you are a job seeker who’s been working endlessly to send out as many resumes as possible, you are acting just like the flyer distributor. Which means, people are saying, “Glad that’s not me,” about YOU!

In this video, I explain how your effort to blast your credentials to every Tom, Dick, and Harriet is backfiring.

Please don’t make the classic “quantity instead of quality” mistake so many desperate job seekers are making today. Instead, listen to how a scaled-back, smarter-not-harder job search will get you the respect and results you want and deserve!

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  1. I see the inherent value in this approach, but it does hit one snag when you are both attempting to concentrate on your goal and qualify for unemployment benefits. In my case I have to prove that I have contacted *at least* two companies every week regardless of whether they are offering my most sought after position. Some Tom, Dick and Harry approach is necessary to continue to have food on the table and electricity to power my computer and continue the thus-far fruitless search!

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