Being More Memorable

Take 2 Minutes To Be More Memorable


This weekend, most of us will end up doing something social that involves meeting new people. Here’s a quick tip for being more memorable… in a good way.

After the normal introductions (i.e. your name and what brought you to the event) do something crazy. Don’t ask the person what they do for work.

That’s right.

Go against the societal norm and avoid asking the question, “What do you do?”

To Be More Memorable…

Instead, replace it with, “I’m trying a new experiment. I read an article on a site that said I should ask people three things they love to do instead of what they do for work. Tell me, what do you love to do?”

Then, smile, listen, and watch the person you are talking to come alive.


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People love to talk about things they care about. When given the opportunity to share what we enjoy, we immediately get an endorphin rush. We become happier just talking about them. What a great way to make a positive and memorable first-impression, don’t you think?

Letting someone feel good in a conversation is one of the best ways to get them to connect with us. It also makes them more likely to remember us – one of the most important elements of success in networking. Better still, after you have a great conversation, you can always go look them up on LinkedIn and invite them to connect.

At which point, you’ll both be more likely to want to know what each other does and how you can help one another professionally.

After all, you did have a great first encounter where your shared your passions and started a relationship built on positivity and trust, right?

Have you ever tried this technique? What’s the most memorable way you made a great first impression? Share your stories and thoughts below.

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  1. I, too, hated that question because the work that I did was just to pay the bills. I would usually answer, “I’m a supervisor for the United States Postal Service, but my job is not a reflection of who I am.” That way I wouldn’t have to talk about the job that I spent so many hours at, and usually led them to ask more meaningful questions.

  2. When someone asks “What do you do?” I like to answer with “I avoid people who start conversations with ‘What do you do?'”. Instantly you both know where you stand and either you have a good laugh or part ways.

  3. I was once in a bank in Scotland. I had a very nice, albeit short, conversation with the teller. One later I entered the same bank and the same lovely lassie was working. She looked at me and before I even spoke she said “It’s the American come for another holiday.” I must have been memorable.

  4. It’s a great technique when it is genuine :)… I loathe the “What do you do?” question. It’s a great conversation killer.

  5. Thank you for the great tip! People do enjoy talking about their favorite things, and I think they will probably remember the person who made them feel good about themselves longer.

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