Why Networking is #1 Most Hated Job Search Tactic


Recently, I asked a group of job seekers what aspect of the job search process they hate the most. Unanimously, they all said, “networking.”

That’s unfortunate. Especially, since it’s the single best tactic for landing a job.

There are actually two reasons why people hate networking so much. Watch my video below and I’ll explain what they are.

I’ll also tell you how to turn things around so you can actually stop hating the one job search tactic that can dramatically improve your chances of finding a new job!

Your Next Step

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  1. Well, just because you network, it does not mean that person has anything in store for you. How many more chit chatting do you need to go through in order to land the next job? I was told to go networking, but have not done so. I have no problems with just talking, but my goal is to land something not chit chat.

  2. I think that some people associate networking with the jibber-jabber that sometimes goes on incessantly at some jobsites in lieu of actual work, gossip, etc.

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