Never Lose Job

How To Never Lose A Job Again


If you’ve ever been laid-off or fired, you’ve most likely said, “I never want to lose a job again.”

Especially, if you’ve been out of work for an extended period of time.

Here’s how to never lose a job again.

In this video, I explain what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Watch this and learn the secret to never losing a job again.

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  1. We live in a time when employers hold all the power, and they have no intention of ever giving it back. I am 45 and know that I will never earn a decent living again. I went to college, and even got a Master’s degree, to make $12/hour with no benefits for the rest of my life, and have $60K in student loans (which is actually more like $90K because I haven’t been able to pay any principal in 10 years) that I will never be able to pay back. Land of opportunity, my a$$.

  2. I know there are lots of other jobs available if you lose your current jobs.But it took atleast1-2 months to find your next job .what will you do if you have to survive on limited money for that period of time..say you have a family..Really losing a job affects you and your family and also your confidence.

    You need money to go for interviews also .Preparing for interviews ,studying etc which consumes your energy and time also.Its easy to say Don’t worry but in reality its very hard to keep your confidence level up.
    I have lost my job recently and I know how much hell I have been going thru..very little money in bank to survive for next few days..I dont know whats gonna ahead..

  3. Interesting concept. We should all strive to improve ourselves both professionally and personally every day. Motto: Be the best that we can be and live a fulfilled life.

  4. Everyone should watch this video. It is not only an advice, but an important lesson for hard times. Congratulations and thank you

  5. I’m having difficulty with this latest job loss. 7 months after transferring to another unit, I was given the choice to leave the company or only work 20hrs. I stayed because I was too close to being fully vested; plus I wanted to search internally for a 40hr workweek. A year later after not gaining fulltime within the company I was let go. However, leading up to my departure I was written up mostly because I couldn’t keep up the pace of a FT job within a 4 hour workday. I need to know how to say that to a prospective employer without saying too much, when asked, Why did you leave your last job?

    • One thing you can offer that is completely truthful is that the conditions and expectations of your role changed due to circumstances out of your control. I would also add that you stayed on to facilitate a smooth transition, and until your employer was able to replace you (bonus points if you trained or helped your replacement or a co worker who took over your responsibilities).

    • I was also let go and written up and I pondered your question many times. I think if you lie and tell the prospective employer you were lay off instead of giving them the details as to why you were fired, they will contact your latest supervisor and find out the truth anyway. I think honesty is the best way to go. Only after being honest let them know you learned a lesson from this situation and it won’t happen again.

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