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Poll: Have You Ever Had An Office Romance?


It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. Flowers are being delivered to desks, cards are being displayed in cubicles, and chocolates are being passed around the breakroom.

This romantic day may give some the courage to make their feelings known to others. But what if that special someone is a co-worker? Would that stop you from making a romantic gesture?

Some employers have rules against office romances, but sometimes even the rules won’t stop people from becoming romantically involved.

Have you ever had an office romance? Did it end up going anywhere? Did you get in trouble?

Please take our poll and tell us what you think in the comment section!

Have you ever had an office romance?

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  1. I was the new HR Manager, she was the Procurement Manager. We were both out, and both had partners. We left our partners and started a relationship: we thought everyone would be surprised, but lots of our colleagues had seen it coming a mile away. I did check with the HR Director that she didn’t have a problem with me seeing another manager, she didn’t. Not sure what I would’ve done if she had said it was a problem, I just thought I ought to be honest with her. The MD did apparently question whether the relationship would be problematic, and the owner of the company made it clear that relationships between colleagues were fine. At no point did anyone ever make an issue about the fact that we’re gay, I think this is a reflection on the times that we live in, UK culture and the organisational culture. Plus in any context it would be rather foolish to pick on the HR manager.

  2. My girlfriend and I have worked together for three years at our office. Granted, she was my girlfriend before she started working there, so I don’t know if that counts in the definition of “office romance”. Still, we keep it professional and are two of the more valuable members of the office partially because we work so well together.

    My sister and her husband have been married a little over a year, and they met at work. I’m not sure if there were any rules against it, but they did keep it low key at work and of course just did their jobs. I think more than a few people at their office were surprised when they announced their engagement, and everyone was extremely happy for them.

    As long as it doesn’t affect one’s job performance, I see no problem with it. Hell, it can even enhance the job in certain ways. Just have to be mature adults about it.

  3. Speaking as an HR professional of over 20 years, office romance can lead to that long term relationship but there are some rules around it. I write about it in my book, Perfect Fit: Finding Your Mate And Job Match Using Proven HR Skills. As a relationship coach, I help others effectively navigate the 5 Stages of Knowing © both in finding a mate and creating more effective and meaningful relationships at work. I can be reached at

  4. As long as work is not negatively affected, there is nothing wrong with office romance. Hey, its part of being human.

    Extra marital affairs are nit cool, though. Keep it clean folks.

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