[11.16.10] Should 2M Americans Lose Unemployment Benefits [Featured]

POLL: Should 2M Americans Lose Unemployment Benefits?


Just before the election, the Huffington Post shared this story that indicated as many as 2 million Americans will lose their unemployment benefits if Congress doesn’t pass legislation to extend them. Now that the elections are over, I’m curious…

How many of you think we should renew these benefits? Or, do you think we’ve spent enough and need to start spending in other areas?  To provide some perspective:

  1. The current population of America is 310,700,000. (According to Wikipedia.org.)
  2. There’s an estimated 15,121,951 Americans who are currently unemployed.
  3. An estimated 6.2M of those unemployed have been without work for 27+ weeks.

Based on those statistics, as well as your own personal observations, what do you think? Should we continue to extend unemployment? If not, what else can we do to help these individuals find work? I invite you to cast your vote and then post your comments below.

Should we extend unemployment benefits for the 2M Americans who could lose them soon?

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  1. No more unemployment extensions! It just perpetuates folks being lazy – sitting on their arses tooling around on their computers, watching tv, etc. GET some kind of “job” for pete's sake! Flip some burgers, deliver pizzas, wait tables…work freaking retail! Or become your own boss and work for yourselves! But to ask for your unemployment benefits to be extended is just ridiculous! SOD OFF and Get off yer arses!

    • I can only guess you are employed, helping a family member and giving to your local charity in time or money. If not then you are not helping. Unemployment should be extended, but perhaps with the stipulation that the recipient work for free at a business, state office, local shelter, non-profit charity or other entity that needs help. That way the money is being utilized and the person is gaining contacts as well as recognition for their skills…. I am unemployed and would this. Without the unemployment my family would be on the street,,, as it is now we just barely make ends meet.. and I do not play on the computer, watch TV, take drugs , drink or any other insinuated activity…

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