Networking Formula

Quick Tip: Proven Networking Formula


Ever wish someone would give you a formula for networking? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t want to know:

  • Who to target in your networking efforts.
  • How to target them.
  • The ideal amount of people to network with.

Well, good news. I recorded a video where I explain exactly that. Watch and learn how to prioritize your networking efforts for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

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J.T. O'Donnell

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  1. J.T., should you reach out to each contact weekly? If so, then the numbers play out to 50 x 5 = 250 minutes or 4 hours and 10 minutes each week just working your contact list. That is allowing 1 minute for each e-mail or phone call. It is easy to see if the list gets much bigger or you spend more time on contacts then this process gets time prohibitive quickly. Or am I looking at it wrong?

  2. Hi J.T.,

    Love reading your Twitter posts and watching your videos. I was particularly interested in this video. What is the specific networking strategy if you don’t know anybody at the 10 companies you target?

    I want to follow your advice, but don’t know where to start.

    Thanks in advance,


  3. J.T., do you recommend leveraging people in your network to find other people to add to your network… the “Do you know anyone who…” approach?

    • Great question, Kim!

      I do suggest leveraging your network, but only if you can make it as easy as possible for them to assist you. When we say, “Do you know anyone looking for my skill sets?” we are being too general. I always suggest creating a bucket list of companies you want to network into. Then, find people you are second-level connected to who work there and see which one of your first-level connections ties you to them. Specifically ask for an introduction. That is the easiest way to get results and makes lets your network help you as quickly as possible!

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