[05.30.11] Social Media NO-NOs [Featured]

[Career Reality] Social Media NO-NOs!


Social Media NO-NOs! | CAREEREALISM TVQUESTION: If you land an interview, should you post the good news on Facebook?

ANSWER: Heck NO!!!

This week, On the Job Blogger, Amy Levin Epstein offered four reasons why you should not share the fact you got an interview with your social media followers. In this Career Reality show, J.T. reviews Amy’s great advice and discusses her list of social media NO-NOs, a.k.a. things you shouldn’t do online.

She shares how your brand can be compromised and your reputation tarnished if you don’t pay attention to the basic rules of netiquette. Don’t risk losing the respect of your followers, watch this session to learn the right way to use social media today!

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