The New Career “Normal” = Get Reckless


By Founder, J.T. O’Donnell

“For hundreds of years, the population has been seduced, scammed and brainwashed into fitting in, following instructions and exchanging a day’s work for a day’s pay. That era has come to an end, and just in time.”Seth Godin, from the book “Linchpin”

ATTENTION: Calling all frustrated workers, angry unemployed job seekers, confused students and anyone else living in America who hears the Twisted Sister song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It!” playing in their heads. (Special thanks to our reader, Sebastian, for pointing out I had originally and incorrectly claimed Quiet Riot as the song’s singer – oops. See comments below. I love our readers!)

I have something special for you!

Several weeks ago, I was given the unique opportunity to interview Seth Godin. For those of you unfamiliar with his work, he’s written 12 best-selling books on marketing and is the founder of His legendary use of the term ‘purple cow’ in a book made the term become industry jargon. Now, he’s focusing his efforts on creating the purple cow for job seekers. Seth understands why we are all businesses-of-one. He understands why “every job is temporary.” In short, he is a soul-mate.

In the video clips below, you will hear some amazingly original, thought-provoking commentary on the subject of career. Check out some of the CRAZY topics we discuss:

CLIP #1 (NOTE: The audio gets choppy in one small part here, but all the other clips are excellent!)

You’ve Been Brain-Washed & Seduced…It’s Time to Fight Back!

How the Internet Has Dismantled Career Planning

Don’t Quit Your Job – Rethink Your Approach


Why Career Labeling Stinks & What to Do About It

Why ‘Deciding’ is the Hardest Part of Career Change

Get Real: Impossible Goals are Just Excuses

Hey Younger Generations: Congratulations & Welcome to the BEST Time to Start a Career!

DON’T Get a Job, Create a Movement


Older Generations: Safe Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

The New ‘Factory’ is Your Computer!

Stop the Frustration, Stop the Waste


Get Fearless, Get Reckless

It was an honor to interview someone with such insight into our need to rethink career development. Seth made himself available to several other bloggers. You can find their interviews with him here. I’d encourage everyone to check them out. The more you listen to Seth, the more you’ll be inspired – I guarantee it.


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  1. These video clips were excellent and just the thing to help re-fuel me in my job search, which has had me frustrated quite a bit. What Seth said spoke directly to me – a 30 yr. old who was just laid off but considering a career change yet fearful of the unknown and unsure of what steps to take. I don’t want to settle for some ho-hum job that I’ll be looking to leave shortly but am overwhelmed and a bit anxious about trying something new and tend to talk myself out of applying for some positions that I might excel at. I will most definitely be checking out this book ASAP!

    Thanks so much for your article and this interview!

  2. I love the comment that we are picking careers based on giving ourselves a respectable label to impress other people. It's totally ridiculous, but everyone does it! I hope everyone on this site allows themselves to remember that your job does not = you. You are so much more than a label.

    Btw – I am new to this site and I love it!
    All the best-

    • Thanks so much Meghan for sharing. I'm glad you agree that we are all so much more than a label. Lately, I've been teaching clients to answer the 'What do you do?” question with a summary of their Unique Gift. It's so much more powerful and fun to share.

      PS – We are glad you found our site and hope you'll be back to comment again!

  3. Excellent, very thought provoking. As a job seeker (me), this puts words to a concept that career offices have been hinting at, which is the idea of re-thinking one's approach. Job searching for the masses is about basic skills of writing, speaking and finding opportunities. Job search on a personal level is makes a committment to recovery – like AA for the unemployed. My name is X, and I'm unemployed… but I'm offering my talent to the world in the following ways…and who knows what happens next.
    Thank you for posting this.

    • Thanks Freddie – your AA analogy is a good one. It's quite difficult for job seekers right not to accept they have a 'problem' – and yet, once they embrace the new normal and start to open up to the tools and resources that can help them learn the 'new rules' to career development, they feel much better and start to get the results they seek.

      I wish you the very best as you and your 'business-of-one' embark on the learning journey. The fact that you appreciate what Seth is sharing tells me you should land someplace sooner than later!


  4. Excellent interview with Seth… just found this, after having purchased Linchpin a few hours ago. Am psyched to read the book. The videos speak directly to me.. I'm the forty-something “factory worker” laid off, now building my own biz, and facing the “new normal”. Am scared to death.. but I know if I hadn't been laid off, I'd be in my cubicle hunkered down and trying to stay safe. Scary!

    • Thank you for sharing your story!

      It is amazing how something like a layoff can show us what we try to hold on to. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the book and look forward to hearing about your progress – it's time to get fearless!

    • Oh my Sebastian, is it? Here's how that went down…

      I'm writing the post and say to my hubby, the music person in the family, “Hey, who sang 'We're Not Gonna Take It' – I need to list it in my article.”

      He told me Quiet Riot and of course I was like, “Great, who needs a fact checker when I've got you.” Well, I'm eating those words.

      I'll change it now and I owe you – thanks for stopping by and reading the post!

  5. I wish I could Bruce. In fact, I'm sure there is a way to do that, but I am not adept at that technology yet. Learning to work with videos to splice, etc. is something I am dying to explore, but I've been so busy with the rest of CAREEREALISM's development, I haven't found the time.

    If you or any of our readers have any suggestions of tools that are good for that sort of thing, I'd love some recommendations – it's hard to figure out what technologies to use! And, I'm not the savviest of folks with this stuff to begin with.

    Thanks for listening though – and for reminding me that I have to find a better way to package these videos up.

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