Becoming A Leader At Work

7 Tips For Becoming A Leader At Work


Becoming a leader at work can be a challenge. You want to be a leader but you do not carry the title. So, how do you go about positioning yourself as a leader at work?

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There are many ways, but listed below are some that comes to mind. You can use these actions that will inevitably position yourself as a leader at work without being too obvious about your ambitions.

7 Tips For Becoming A Leader At Work

If you want to become a leader at work, incorporate these actions into your daily routine:

1. Take Responsibility

You want to be a leader at work, learn to take responsibility for anything that has your fingerprint on it. That means, as long as you participate in the project, you have a hand at the failure of the project.

Learn to take responsibility for not just the good things, but even bad ones. Admit to your mistakes – it’s okay to be wrong. You cannot learn if you have not made any mistakes.

2. Believe In Win-Win

A rising tide lifts all boats – always think win-win. It exists. Just because the world thinks the business world is nasty, and that you need to be manipulative and maneuvering to win, you need not participate in it.

In fact, make it your contribution not to be nasty and bullying in your ways. You want to be a leader at work, believe in your hands as leader to change the world.

The power of positive influence you have on the people around you and the power to inspire people to greater heights is in front of you.

3. Push The Envelope

Try new things. Take some risk. Make yourself uncomfortable. Do the things that may risk making you look foolish – what do you have to lose? Leaders take risks. They are not afraid of doing what they believe.

What do you believe in that you are willing to take some risk? To be a leader at work, you need to take even simple risks like taking on the project no one wants.

4. Do It, Write It

I have often said this. This world is full of people who talk too much and don’t do enough. If you want to be a leader at work, act upon something. Work that plan.

If you have any ideas that are simmering in your mind, write it down. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a plan yet, just write it down.

If you don’t write it down, there is no one to present to and there is no record of the idea. How can it count? If you want to be a leader at work, you have practice writing down everything.

5. See Opportunities Everywhere

There is no need to create opportunities for yourself to lead. The opportunities to lead are everywhere. You need to be mindful of these opportunities.

I have just mentioned one earlier. Are there any opportunities to take on the project no one wants? If you don’t see opportunities everywhere, you are missing the point.

6. Be Open

Be open to criticism, otherwise you are just living off yourself. What does it mean? When you are open to feedback, you are being fed ideas from others that are free. Often times, these ideas come from people smarter than you. They will give you tips on how to improve and how to be better.

That’s what a leader needs – constant feedback. You need feedback to be a leader at work, otherwise you are “feed-own” (I just created that word to mean feeding yourself) and you will go hungry soon. With no new ideas, a leader dries up.

7. Give, Give, Give

That’s how you open up. Pour out all you got from inside you. Give all you have ideas, thoughts, plans. Feel the vulnerability and learn to like it. When you pour all your ideas out you will need new ones. Where do new ideas come from? From critics who want to tear you down, from well-meaning supporters and from people you least expect.

More comes back to you. You have more to input. It enriches you. That’s how you become a leader at work.

These are the seven actions to position yourself as a leader at work. You want to be a leader at work? Do not be afraid of taking risks. You have more to gain than lose when you open up.

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Yun Siang Long

Yun Siang Long, or Long as he is popularly known, spent 16 years in three multinational ad agencies where he also trained people in areas of career management.


  1. Great post! Act like a leader even if you are not CEO. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas. Work in a team. Inspire others. And, one more thing: you don’t have to stay after hours in the office every day in order to achieve your goals. If it happens too often, it means you are not don’t it right and you should increase your productivity in the working hours.

  2. A must read for all the aspiring leaders, these tips can come very handy, simple yet effective sure shots ways of success!

    Sheetal Sharma

  3. Great tips! Many of them I have used my entire career. Many I learned to use. I try to select character traits from leaders that impressed me to make myself a more effective manager. When I worked for the director of our organization, I could fly, invent and experiment. A middle manager was placed between myself and the director that squashed attempts by myself and my coworkers at being responsible for our own work and having the authority to carry it out. We work for a paranoid, micro-managing, self-glorifying, work-interrupting manager that takes every conversation and turns it around into a story about himself. We were all forced to go from self-motivated, experienced managers to “yes-men.” Whereas I used to enjoy going to work, I now dread it. We actually are excited to hear he is out for the day due to sickness or an appointment. It means we can be ourselves and manage our own work again. He is so paranoid he goes over every step of tasks we do everyday in fear we might forget something. It is excruciatingly painful. I long for the day my shackles can be unlocked and I can fly with the eagles again.

  4. That´s great. This should be required reading for every manager.
    I would like added even eighth tip (my own): Smile a littte more. Smile gives out positive energy and creates a positive working climate. So, smile please. :-)

    • Thanks for sharing that post Wayne. If there are any others you have found useful, be sure to let our other readers know about them!

      Also, feel free to share helpful links to outside sources on any of our other posts you enjoy.

  5. Hi Yun,
    Wonderful and Educative tips here for an Aspiring leader,
    You presented the tips in a systematic way.
    I liked the 6th and 7th ones Be Open Give Give Give
    Thanks again for sharing this ueful tips
    I am going to re-share it in my page for the benefit of
    my readers, and ha, with all due credit :-)
    Is that ok? Pl let me know so that I can proceed
    My id pvariel at gmail dot com
    Regards & Thanks

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  7. I believe im a born leader. Thanx for the tips. Im an opinion addict and was mostly concentrating on positive feedbacks from others but now i know that I have to be open to criticism. Thank u, im inspired.


  9. very useful tips and good thoughts to share i have got some good ideas

    how to handle pressure in working atmosphere and how to be with show

    off people.

  10. To me…the frist two points are common..thought same unpractical advices….

    but when read the rest…it was really enlightening….AMAZING!

    specially the last two…MANY THANKS for sharing this with everyone

  11. wise tips it realy lifted me up thnks this should be pasted on a wall so everyday we can read it and become fresh


  13. yeah its its totally right.. I am agree with all the above points and i am sure someone prepare his/herself according to these tips will become a good leader… thank you so much for giving us these valuable tips..

  14. I fully agree with the views of the author. very often, we do not implement our ideas due to fear of failure/making a mockery of ourselves. These tips are useful for everyone.All of us cannot be leaders, but all of us can perform our job well and be great team members.

  15. Nice to follow, most people who wants to be a leader is applying those tips but randomly, will be succusful if applied all.


  16. Great tips seriously…..boosts me up to do something extra ordinary, to go beyond my job responsibility….and im working on it

  17. Nice to read!!! only problem with us is, we use to forget useful things but if we try to follow it at least half the % of it we will be successful in work

  18. I too was beleiving these above tips would take me up to the carrer ladder, but now i realize it is not gonna to work for me in my current role. when i think if i work hard i can become a leader , my manager thought is right opposite i.e. untill i work hard ,the long he can be there as manager, all my hard works are in vain. i take oppurtunity but credit goes to them, i do things proactively but nothing is there for me , if there is any tips / advise for me in this scenario is much appreciated. thanks

    • dear brother i was like u but later i got a change in mind ,my eyes were opened to see all the blessings right after my school ,i got all the good things on right season of life till to my new born .our hard work rewarded by our creator in other ways not the way we are expecting ,so keep faithful to your work you & your generations will be blessed

    • Just continue on what you are doing. Dont expect for anything. Sometimes we dont see that our superiors are looking and observing us already and thinking for our promotions. If you stop, you’ll loose. Time will come on you. Just be patient. Hope it helps.

  19. Great and useful tips, we have to find opportunities at the every point of our life. We should never demotivate.

    Thanks for the tips

  20. Technology has always driven what is possible in business. The fax machine, email, and the internet have each revolutionized the way in which businesses communicate. Similarly, advances in reporting and data visualization software have revolutionized ways in which people observe their businesses and make decisions. Today, the evolution of what is possible continues with the availability of Predictive Analysis . The ability to analyze vast amounts of historical data and create accurate projections of future trends is no longer the sole domain of data scientists and the academic elite, has brought the power of predictive analysis to the business person.

  21. some tips are good like take the responsibility, i would like to share other important thing i.e. building confidence of your staff on you as a leader by sharing credit of the work.

  22. I think most of us which read this ideas see it not useful but in fact if we applying it our life will be change for better

  23. Thank you for these worthy TIPS. These will certainly help me to become a good and effective Leader at work place

  24. very nice tips. much helpful to me bcoz im afraid of taking risks, but i realize now that you should have to take risk if want to reach heights.
    Thanks for these tips

    • Sir all the tips of yours are very much helpful for me, I hope it will work for me because i often loose my job lacking the quality of leadership

  25. Bijay Kishore Prasad

    Dear Sir,
    I do agree with your points, at the same time I would wish to add that we as a fresher or a learner we must listen to co-worker/sub-ordinate and try to learn few things which are new to us. I am a leader today because I always believed that learning is a continuous process. You are right having said”Our action should speak more than the words”…..Thanks for the guidelines.

  26. Thank you for the useful TIPS. These TIPS will certainly help me to become a good and effective Leader in my workfield.
    Once again THANKS

  27. These tips are really the key to sucess to become a good leader.One more tip I want to add. “Time managment” it is likely same to 6th & 7th tip(Be open & Give, give, give).
    Spend most of the working time(70%) with your team members, Stakeholders in knowing the issues, their views-ideas for process improvments & share your ideas, openions to them. And spend rest of the time in the functional works.

  28. Wonderful really… It will definitely help any person to grow their career. I’m really very much thankful to the

  29. Amazing Tips!!!Specially do it ,write it and Give,give give. These TIPS will certainly help me to become a good and effective Leader in my workfield.
    Thanks Naukri.

  30. It is worth going through the tips it is indeed good to follow many simple things we generally neglect out of overconfidence This tips make to remember and carry in day to day work


  31. Tips are very good but everybody is not followed the rules And 2nd think is that big company does not provide more work they defined job work area so many employee does not learn everything.

  32. Hi Thanks for your 7 tips for a leader in the work place I really got self confidence with your 7 tips it’s really wonderful for every one who want to be a leader at those work place.

  33. Really impressed of 7 tips to become a leader, good article I hope for everyone key to success. believe in win -win, give give give are much interesting and simply superb. Thanku you once again for article writer and naukri.
    Really helps in work place

  34. It’s very valuable points for every can help to our competitive professional Life………….

    Tank You very much.

    Santanu .

  35. Thank you for posting wonderful article on leadership i worked more than 25 years of work but such advise is not available that time,Regards Satish K

  36. Thanks for such important piece of information, I just started monthly feedback meeting with my teams, It really very helpful to understand their side of views.

  37. I am totally agree with all the above points and it will really help the person to become a leader. The best point as per me is 1. give, give, give 2. be open.
    However as per me or my understanding as a leader one point is missing i.e team player. Correct me if i am wrong.

  38. Thank you for the useful TIPS. These TIPS will certainly help me to become a good and effective Leader in my workfield.
    Once again THANKS.

  39. I believe most of us while reading these ideas think that this is nothing new to us , we knew it happens this way itself. But when it comes to be applied in your life at work, people forgets that. Remember who apply these ideas can actully take benifits out of it.

    • These are really the key to success to become a leader and to compete in competitive enviornment.In writing,i would like to suggest that in our daily work,first 10 miutes we should give for to do list i.e what I will do today.Just write it down and at the end of the day cross the item which you have completed.

      After few days ,you will feel happy yourself.

      As per study done by scientists,sociologists, if we do a work regulary for 21 days then that will become an habit.So we should apply this application in our day to day life as well as professional life also.

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