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How To Use Twitter As A Job Search Tool


When I suggest using Twitter as a job search tool, I often get blank stares and responses such as, “Twitter, really? I’m not into the whole tweeting thing.” The good news is you don’t have to be. You can be an observant follower and still reap many benefits. Twitter gives you free information about people, organizations, and job listings.

Start To Follow People And Organizations

Following someone on Twitter simply means receiving their posts which are called “tweets.” Every time the person posts a new message, it appears on your home page in real time. To start the process, use the search function to find people or organizations you want to follow. Once you find them, click on the follow button and you will begin instantly receiving their updates. The best part about Twitter is that you don’t need to get the person’s permission. Anyone on Twitter can follow any person or organization.

Who Do You Follow?

Begin by following organizations you are interested in pursuing. Next, follow employees in your target companies. The information you will receive will be valuable in helping you research the culture and mission of an organization.

Job Listings

An easy way to search for openings is to use the hash tag sign or what some people refer to as the pound sign which is the # symbol. The hash tag is Twitter’s filing system. For example, if you search #Seattle and #jobs, you will find tweets for openings in Seattle.

Start Now

Take your first step of setting up your free account.  Go to and click on the “Sign up now” button.  Within minutes you will have access to information that might just help you land your dream job.

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Stacy Harshman

Stacy Harshman, founder of Your Fulfilling Life Career Coaching, brings her experience as a recruiter for a Fortune 500 corporation to her work as a career coach.


  1. These are all great tips on how to use Twitter in your job search. Another aspect is to use your own Twitter profile to show you off to your best ability. You’ll have a bit of room to describe yourself in your bio, so use it to the best of your ability. Briefly state your career goals and then perhaps include links to other relevant online work portfolios or even your video resume. You want employers to easily be able to find out more about your candidacy when they click onto your Twitter page.

  2. I think Twitter has great potential as a job search tool, and I would love to be able to interact with professional employers on Twitter. Unfortunately, some of my co-workers follow my Twitter account and I don’t want to make my account private. I feel it’s highly inappropriate to blatantly network with others on Twitter about possible job opportunities if my employer/co-workers can see it & and I can’t connect with them privately if they aren’t also following me. Any tips on how to truly engage with these people on Twitter without making my intent obvious to my followers? There are so many instances where I want to communicate to someone “I’d love to take you to coffee to learn about your career path” but feel uncomfortable doing so knowing that my co-workers/employer could see it. Thanks!

    • Kelly, technically, networking is about establishing relationships and exchanging ideas. Networking may lead to application or recruiting, but that’s later. When you establish that relationship, you can also create alternate channels by exchanging email or phone info.

      Also, Twitter permits Direct Messaging. I think DMs only show up on third-party followers’ timelines if they follow the two original parties. I could be wrong, so check out these ideas before putting them to work.

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