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Unemployment Tips: Don’t Say ‘In Transition’


Unemployment is tough – There’s no doubt about it. But are you making it harder on yourself?

I wrote an article on LinkedIn about why you shouldn’t list yourself as “in transition” on your LinkedIn profile. (You can read it by clicking here.)

In short, this phrase is used so much right now it’s code for “long-term unemployed” to recruiters. Studies show the long-term unemployed are being discriminated against right now. So, there’s no need to help the hiring managers screen you out.

Follow These Unemployment Tips Instead:

  1. Pick three or four skill sets you want to leverage in your next job and list them in the headline of your LinkedIn profile. (i.e. Project Management | Business Analysis | Client Relations | Marketing)
  2. In the “Summary” section of the profile, give a quantifiable accomplishment to prove you have experience in each of the key areas you listed in your headline.
  3. Be sure your past work history also exemplifies those skills.

Hiring managers will be focused on what you’ve accomplished instead of what your job status is.

Besides, your experience cannot be taken away from you just because you’re dealing with unemployment. Don’t let them eliminate you because you aren’t in a job at the moment. Show them why you’d be the ideal person to snatch up before someone else does!

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J.T. O'Donnell

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  1. Hello J.T ~

    First off let me say that I appreciate all your efforts for not only myself but a million or more other people who are in “Career Transition”/”Unemployed”.

    I was first laid off in 2007′ and headed for S. Florida for work. While there, I took a course at Workforce One the State Agency for aiding unemployed people. In that course I first learned the phrase in career transition. Do not use the word unemployed lest you be frowned upon, is what the Instructor was really saying. Basically I feel that you are saying the same thing…lest you look like you are out of work too long! Actually, I think that is exactly what you said.

    I have attended many, many Networking Events,Job Fairs and Seminars with Career Coaches pushing whatever the latest and greatest Thing to do or say is. I have heard it all and honestly feel like I could become a Career Coach myself except for the fact that I do not want to have to keep up with the latest and greatest saying to fudge the fact that you the people are out of work and unemployed.

    For me (please take no offense) but I think people like yourself are making a good hard earned buck, notice I said hard earned because you truly are working hard. But as for me and the way I see it, it is now 2013′ the unemployment picture has not changed one bit and we are still being guided by all the coaches saying the same thing just tweeking things to keep up with the times. As for me, I’m not afraid to let a Recruiter or potential employer read that I am indeed in “Career Transition”.

    For me,it is not about playing games to find a job it is about finding a job to support a family and survive.

    Thanks for listening. Jackie Kappel

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