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3 Reasons To Update Your LinkedIn Profile ASAP


Every week, I receive calls from professionals and executives who, in the midst of their busy lives, have either spotted a great opportunity, or who have received a call from a recruiter about a choice job.

No matter how it happens, the scenario is the same: they’ve been too preoccupied, too unsure of their value proposition, or just too confused to do more than leave a bare-bones LinkedIn Profile lingering online – and now they’re paying the price by rushing through a quick update.

If this half-hearted effort sounds familiar, consider that you’re not only neglecting an important piece of brand messaging by ignoring your LinkedIn Profile, but also leaving your digital identity to chance (not a good move in today’s competitive market!).

3 Reasons To Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Need motivation to update your LinkedIn Profile? Here are three compelling reasons to stop procrastinating, along with strategies to help maximize your efforts almost immediately:

1. No One At Work Will Know You’re Looking Elsewhere

Updating your LinkedIn Profile regularly is one of the best ways to throw your boss and colleagues off track. By keeping the information current and even somewhat promotional, you won’t have to worry about hiding your tracks (the way job seekers often do when they add a sudden surge of information).

But what if you’ve not started these LinkedIn updates yet? Won’t your team or co-workers notice new changes? They might, but there’s no law that says you have to add all of your relevant data on LinkedIn at once.

Start by adding a new paragraph under each job that describes your achievements. Then, a few days (or weeks) later, expand your Summary section. Add a new word or two to your Headline that represents your career level and goals. Keep updating your LinkedIn Profile until every visitor sees a consistent, well-documented story.

This slow-but-sure pace of updating your LinkedIn Profile will allow you to both populate it fully, and also watch your LinkedIn traffic to see the difference in results.

2. More Content On Your LinkedIn Profile Will Draw Better Visitors

Like a search engine, LinkedIn has an internal search algorithm that allows anyone to find you based on the terms you add to your Profile. However, most people don’t add enough data to be found on more than a few basic terms.

To change this dynamic, you’ll need to get serious about LinkedIn SEO strategy – the kind used by professional LinkedIn Profile writers.

The easiest way to do this is by looking around at job postings that represent your ideal role. Pull out the skill sets and job titles that appear most often, and you’ll have a solid set of keywords to add in your LinkedIn Profile.

Where should you add these keywords? Your Headline and Job Titles will carry the most weight in LinkedIn’s indexing scheme, but you can also update your LinkedIn Profile to use these terms in your Summary, Experience, Skills & Expertise, Interests, and Projects. In fact, they’ll count nearly everywhere except the Contact section.

Still stumped for keyword ideas? Conduct some competitive intelligence by taking note of Profiles for LinkedIn users who already hold your dream job. You’ll quickly see some commonly used job titles and competencies that could make sense for your own LinkedIn Profile.

3. Recruiters Will Find It Easier To Source And Approach You

With recruiting activity on LinkedIn at an already hectic pace (and 93% of recruiters using the site, according to a recent study cited by Forbes), it’s the place to be seen and courted.

Therefore, if your LinkedIn Profile looks like a wasteland of information, you’re missing out on the most obvious place to market yourself.

Recruiters spend considerable time and fees on high-end LinkedIn memberships, allowing them to scour the site for talent. Make it easier for them by including a robust set of skills, projects, job goals, and competencies in your LinkedIn Profile as a serious keyword strategy, increasing your ability to pop up in searches.

By doing this, you’ll also project a more welcoming demeanor, and are more likely to be contacted for an opportunity that fits your goals.

In summary, don’t expect your LinkedIn Profile to work for you unless you spend time getting it on top shape! By updating it now, you’ll be ready to not only pursue a great job, but could also be contacted by employers seeking the ideal candidate.

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Laura Smith-Proulx

Multi-credentialed executive resume writer Laura Smith-Proulx of An Expert Resume is the #1 U.S. TORI resume award record-holder and a published global expert on executive branding and LinkedIn strategies.


  1. LinkedIn needs to implement a policy where YOU are in control of who sees what.
    I would connect with far more people — if I could limit the amount of information they are allowed to see.
    Currently EVERY connection has access to your email / phone number etc.
    Head over to Xing. I can keep my email address private. When I accept a connection, I get to pick what they can see.
    THAT is the way to protect your users, not the “Oh you connected, therefore your connection can see all you personal data.” policy LinkedIn currently has.
    No. Thank. You.
    While keeping your profile up to date is all well and good — there are tons of scam artists who want to connect with you just to get at that data. (I get my share of Nigerian CEO’s who have no profile to speak of, wanting to connect.)

  2. I find every time I do more on Linkedin it gets noticed and more people ask to connect.
    I tell my CV clients about the power of recruiting on Linkedin to encourage them to use it but surprisingly few even know about it. Those in more senior positions are often familiar and use it, but manny don’t.

  3. Nick @ ayoungpro.com

    Great tips! I think it greatly increases the effectiveness of your LinkedIn profile when it has the most current information. I try to review mine at least once a month to make sure it is reflecting me in an accurate manner.

  4. The comment about recruiters is spot on. Make it easy for them to match you to their list of requirements. I think a lot of people set up a LinkedIn account and then left it alone to wither in the wind. I’m going to update mine right now. Thank you for that. Can I post this blog on my website please?

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