How To Answer: Where Else Are You Interviewing?


One of the best questions you can get at the end of an interview is, “Where else are you interviewing?”

It’s what we call a “buy signal” and it means the employer is interested in you.

Most job seekers make the mistake of either playing down, or over-playing their situation. Both of which lead to you not getting the job.

The secret is to have the right balance of confidence and humility in your answer during the interview. Watch my video to learn what to say.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips, J.T.! I can see how this question could easily remove a candidate from the running if they divulge too much or too little. You’ve really presented a great way to answer this question, but still leave room for an employer to remain interested in the candidate.

  2. J.T.,

    Thank you for your excellent advice and methods to answer questions. This video, about answering the question of where you are in your job search, provides a good open answer. However, what if the company wants to close it up some what. Meaning, they ask one of these questions… who are the other companies, are they located more locally, or would they rquire you to move also? How should I answer this to maintain the openeess. Of course, I will continue to show the strong interest in the company asking this question, because I do not want them to think otherwise.

    • This video DID NOT help very much. Your response is great but it tells me nothing new and tends to “beat around the bush.” It says a good answer will mention about networking and skills but does not answer the question: What other interviews have you had or are having? What has this networking led to? Nothing, in my eyes. What is the point of making contacts for contacts’ sake? A person has to make known he actually had or is having other interviews and suggest that the networking led to SOMETHING, and not just another business card.

      If a person mentions that he met with other employers without going into detail, I take this as a signal he or she is busy and quite “employable.” Besides, this questions probably comes up at the end of interview and by that time the interviewee has had a chance to impress. Mentioning that he has met with other firms should not make big difference because this fact does not mean that he will get an offer from anywhere. It is only an interview after all.

      I may be wrong but I do not like answering in generalities and maybe by stating actual places I have talked to gives me a bit of an advantage down the road. Unless I am some big shot senior accountant or CPA, those people eyeing entry level roles will likely be snubbed anyway for someone with experience. Saying that a person has seen strong interest from others should signal that those skill mentioned during the present interview led to SOMETHING.

      To conclude, I would like to see this video get a part two where J.T. might suggests just WHEN during an interview might this questions come up and maybe even share some feedback she received from viewers.

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